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    Proud to be in Diamond Level

    I have reach the Diamond Level in BengalSpider. I am none to comment on my contribution.
    I request the Editor/Webmaster to comment on me and to encourage me to work harder...

    My Contribution till date -
    Title - Post Count - Points
    Resources - 21 - 107
    Resource Responses - 3 - 4
    Forum Messages - 13 - 17
    Forum Answers - 36 - 90
    Business Directory - 351 - 3723
    Classifieds - 5 - 21
    Reviews - 0 - 0
    Communities - 5 - 30
    Community Memberships - 11 - 40
    Jobs - 6 - 60
    Polls - 8 - 40
    Poll Votes - 17 - 17
    Links - 1 - 0
    Photo Gallery - 5 - 10
    Videos - 0 - 0
    Bookmark Submission - 2 - 2
    Bookmark Comments - 0 - 0
    Referrals - 14 - 14
    Member Buddies - 15 - 15
    Tags - 2129 - 532
    Award/Prize Credits - 3 - 0

    Quote - The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do
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    Congratulation Andy ji,
    This Shows your hardwork and dedication towards this website. Hope you will cross the diamond level in the end of this month.

    Thanks and keep posting Articles and information to

    Pankaj Gupta
    Bengal Spider Member

  • #273
    Thanks Pankaj Ji,
    I know you too contributing in BiharSpider. Since I am from BengalSpider, it helps me a lot to to accumulate points.
    Thanks for responding in my thread.


  • #293
    How come you manage that much score within few days? Till date I could only managed to Score 50 points. Share some Tips, so that I could contribute more like you..

    Waiting for your Reply....
    Rahul Das
    (Come online at Rediff Chat)
    Snehasish Roy
    Siliguri, West Bengal

  • #296
    Hi Andy,

    Your contribution to this site has been tremendous and totally awesome. I wish you luck towards your next goal and if you will also participate in the contest you can win more prizes.

    So keep posting with a smile!

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das,

  • #305
    Hi Congratulations Anindya Bhattacharjee,

    Wishing you for Diamond level. Hope you will achieve it very soon.
    All the best.

    - Mahesh

  • #308
    Mahesh, Ankit, Rahul and Pankaj Ji,
    All of you thanks for encouraging me and thanks for appriciating my job here.


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    Hi Andy
    You have been outstanding since you joined Bengalspider. I am out of words to appreciate your effort. I am aware of your potential and I know you can do much more here.

    I am sure in few days you will be achieving another milestone.


  • #310
    Hi Andy,

    Congratulations as you have been on an hot streak since you have joined this site and the most biggest contributor for this site with so many business directories, resources, communities, polls and so many more.

    Keep it up and you have achieved all this is in such a short duration of time!

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das,

  • #312
    Hi Andy,
    Congratulations. I need not to tell you anything to you and none to raise a finger on you. Your Score-Board suggest that you are an All-Rounder.

    Snehasish Roy
    Siliguri, West Bengal

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    Hi Andy,

    Congratlations for becoming a Diamond Member so soon. As I have read, 5000 points is required for becoming a Diamond Member. Therefore, it must be a great effort on your part to achieve that coveted level.

    Your achievement is a real example to those members who just joins and only thinks how they can become a silver or gold member; most of them cannot even dream of becoming a Diamond Member.

    I think we can draw inspiration from you and continue our efforts to reach higher level.


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