AMRI mass death on 9th December 2011

The incident at AMRI, Kolkata has once again brought to the limelight the negligence, casual attitude and lack of concern for other people...If each of the nurse, OT boys, security guards would have helped evacuating patients then this mass death toll could be reduced...but why was it not done??...because the employees were more concerned that the patients could not be evacuated as the due hospital charges were not paid, so how can they release them??...therefore, it is better that they die, atleast the hospital can claim requisite fees before discharging the dead bodies...The Fire Brigade people was called by the police when a neighbour dialed 100 and informed this to the police...THIS HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA...I think the attitude of people running all the city hospitals needs to be questioned at this hour...because when they take responsibilities of our health then they should do so...Human life can never be replaced by money but I think the hospital owners should pay compensation of five crores to each of the family who lost their dear ones...then only others will learn...After Stephen House, this is another major fire incident that happened in Kolkata...I think not only offices and hospital, but high rises, city malls all needs to have a proper check...and disaster management kiosks should be set up in each of the hospitals, malls, offices, high rises, consisting of trained team who will be entrusted with the responsibility to tackle any kind of disaster and take action required immediatly...VERY SHAMEFUL INCIDENT, A SLAP ON DEVELOPMENT OF MANKIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!