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    Your suggestions on Favicon of BengalSpider

    Dear Members and Visitors of BengalSpider,
    BengalSpider has made a simple but important change on 13th October, 2009 Midnight. It's been a minor change, you can only found if you look this site with full concentration.

    Webmaster has introduce a nice simple Favicon into it. Whenever you open this site in MS-Explorer, you can view a 0.5"x0.5" Sqaure Red Colored Logo "AP" attached with it.

    Please, share your views on this and if you found it's not suitable or need to be changed then please, come up with your Ideas here.

    What is the meaning of AP?
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    Hi Andy,

    First of all you have not told your views on the new explorer logo. By the way it is not called explorer logo but it is called Favicon.

    I went to all the spider sites and found that this favicon has been uploaded in all of them. I don't know what is "AP" and why has it been uploaded in BengalSpider, if favicon had to be uploaded then a political map of West Bengal would have been very suitable.

    Any idea people what does "AP" mean?

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das,

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    Ankit Ji,
    Thanks for letting me know the proper word 'Favicon'. I do have visited some of the spider sites after reading your message here and found that you are right, All those sites are having same Favicon.

    It might be the reason, i.e. 'Spider Network Technologies' can have only one registered favicon and that's why all of the spider sites have only 1-specific favicon.

    Dr.Sanjeev, Webmaster, could only clear the meaning of 'AP'.


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