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    Hi editors,

    My profile page shows that I have socred 51 points so far. However, the position of members who scored maximum points during the last seven days, the the third name has only 44 points to her credit. Isn't the matter somewhat confusing?

    I request the editors kindly to display the correct situation, so that other members also can know about it.

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    Hi Tanushree,
    I am glad to see your interest in BengalSpider. We need members like you who are active and want to know every possible details about the site. It's good because in future you could share this informations to other new members of BengalSpider.

    The points showing in the link Top Performaer Link is 1-hour old (Approximately). Your points displayed in this page is accurate, but the points displayed for other members may be up to 1 hour old.

    Whenever a member Login to the A/C, the Points and the Earnings automatically updated and shows Left-Side of the monitor. In between contribution if you want to update your Points then Goto Profile -> Click the Link "Re-Calculate my Points & Levels".

    The only thing I want to tell you that don't worry about the points and earnings, as we respect your Honest Effort/Contribution.


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    Hi Andy,

    I am thankful to you for clearing my doubts. Now I understand the things better.

    One thing there, I am only interested to increase my points and I never bother for the earning.

    I know, if I can post good self-written articles, I will definitely get both points as well some cash revenue.

    I think that now at least you would not reject my postings outright. Don't take it otherwise;previously you had warned me about it and that is why I have mentioned it.


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    Hi Tanushree,
    I have already read your first Article on Save our Earth. I appreciate your honest contribution. There shouldn't be any question of Rejection if you post resources on your own.
    Tanushree, whenever you post a respond in Forum and then If you found some mistake then better to Edit your Post by Clicking the Edit link beside the date of response. Don't submit repeated response, as it's our duty to make our Room (Forum of BS) clear.


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    The doble posting of the same reply was due to some computer problem. After I had posted my answer, the computer showed some error and I had to post it again.
    Anyway, I am sorry for the trouble.


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