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    Can anyone throw light on the Admission system at Jadavpur University?

    Can anyone give be information about the admission system at Jadavpur University in the Faculty of Arts as a student of B.A. English Honours?

    I have given my H.S. examination and am waiting for my results to be out. I have checked the JU website(both and I am unable to get a clear idea regarding -
    1)What is the System of Admission?
    2)What is the eligibility Criteria?
    3)When and Where can I get the Admission form?
    4)What preparations should I undertake,i.e, what topics should I study on to appear for the Admission test?
    5)How am to know the results?

    I would also be whole-heartedly thankful if anyone could provide me similar information about Presidency College.

    Thanks in Advance....
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    Hello Ritwik ,

    Normally students have to get admission in BA/BSc courses in JU through some certain given marks. No admission test is held. But now I have heard that students have to appear in admission test. You will get the admission form at the cash counter of JU only after the publishing your HS result. You will find the eligibility criteria on the admission form or at the admission notification published on newspaper/some news channels. I was a student of Mathematics, so I am not aware of the syllabus of admission test. You mentioned that you could not able to find any info about admission in JU websites. Anyway wait for your HS result and then after you will find all the information about this. Meanwhile connect to some ex or present students of BA english students of JU and collect information. You may get helps from our one of the webmaster of this site- Kumaraditya Sarkar who was a student of MA English. He can give some helpful info. Try to connect him.

    To get admission in Presidency University you have to appear in admission test.


    Priyabrata Das

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    Ritwik, Priyabrata has already given some good information so instead of repeating them, I am just talking about Jadavpur University BA English admission test syllabus. Though there is no standard syllabus as such as far as I know, we can chalk out a rough reading list from the questions that are usually asked.

    1. M H Abrams - Literary Terms. You will be asked to write short notes on literary terms like simile, conceit, hamartia, poetic drama, Pindaric odes, couplets and so on.

    2. H L B Moody - Literary Appreciation: A practical guide. You will be asked to write a critical appreciation of a short passage or piece and poetry. Prepare for this well, as I believe this is the one of the few questions that makes the difference.

    3. Edward Albert - A Short History of English Literature. Read this book over and over again and make sure you have a basic idea about the historical periods, events and pioneers of the English literature. Nevertheless, do not read more detailed works; unless you are an Einsteinian brilliance you will mess everything up. Most of the English Honours aspirants go gaga over reading David Daiches, Legouis-Cazamian, or Compton Rickett - you do not need that much details at all.

    4. Have any good book on English literary essays and prepare the few basic ones.

    5. Work on your grammar. You might be asked about proper prepositions and so on which are often very puzzling.

    Hope you can get an outline of the syllabus from this JU English Honours admission test book list. Wish you all success.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Respected Mr. Kumaraditya and Mr. Priyabrata,

    I am exceedingly grateful to both of you. The information that you have provided me with will obviously help me. I have already collected several books including:

    1) An Introduction to the History of English Literature by M.N.Sinha
    2) 30 days to a more powerful vocabulary by Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis
    3)A Dictionary of Literary Terms by Martin Gray
    3) An Analytical Study of English Lyrics and Sonnets by Kalyan Pandey

    I hope these books will do. Meanwhile, I'll try and get those which Mr. Kumaraditya mentioned.

    Of late, I have given urgency to my vocabulary which is presently feeble. Anyways, I'll get into grammar and the others soon.

    And, thanks again.....

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    Ritwik, the books you bought are okay, but Albert and Abrams are legends in their respective fields. All universities follow these two, and if you read Albert well you will have no problem with objective questions in the degree level. I strongly suggest you purchase them.

    Where do you buy books from? College street? Find out Saha Book Stores at Bhawani Dutta Lane, next to Presidency College. They have been serving generations of English Honours / PG students - just tell them you are going to appear for the JU English admission test and they will give the best book list to follow.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Thank You again, Sir. I'll try and lay my hands on those books soon.

    Meanwhile, I'll tell you something rather amusing.
    I don't like in Kolkata. I am from Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur.
    I've completed my H.S. here from Raiganj Coronation High School.
    Heard of it?
    It celebrated its centenary last year.


    With utmost gratitude,

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    Yes of course, the Raiganj Coronation High School is a noted school - I remember solving it’s question papers in the ABTA test paper back in class IX :-)

    Nevertheless, if you want to seek admission in Jadavpur University English honours you have to visit Kolkata a few times, right? And if you actually study there, or in Presidency or Scottish, you need to stay here. So, why don’t pay a visit to the college street?

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    I am looking forward to visit there. In fact, I was in kolkata between the 16th and the 26th of April. That was, however, a bad time. My Grandfather's been horribly sick for some time now and this has kept me busy.

    Anyways, I'll go there as soon as luck makes an allowance.
    Meanwhile, I'll continue with the books I collected and try to purchase by order the ones you suggested.

    Again with Wholehearted gratitude,

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