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    Collect 100 points in a month: Earn more cash from Bengalspider

    Members here already know Bengalspider offers good amount of money for quality articles related to Bengal. The points you are getting are also valuable for your extra earning.
    The program is called partnership sharing and it is active in Bengalspider.

  • You can earn points from your article as well as forum posts.
  • 50% of the points earn should come from resource section.
  • If members achieve to get 8000 points together then 25% of the earnings will be distributed to the contributing members as partnership shares.

  • So, post more and earn more!
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    Yes, this a great opportunity for the all active members of Bengal Spider to earn some extra revenue.

    But I have a query about this partnership sharing. How one's revenue is calculated? Is it the revenue earned from his/her articles or forums thread?

    Priyabrata Das

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    Priyabrata, the revenue calculated is based on the total points you score from resources and forum, provided your resource points make up at least 50% of the total points earned. If your resource points are less than half of total points, only twice of your resource points will be taken into effect. If you still score 100 points or more, you get partnership rewards. Let us see some examples.

    1. Ram has total 110 points, 70 from resources. He qualifies for the program (total points more than 100 with at least 50% from resources) and his effective points remains 110.

    2. Shyam has total 110 points also, but 52 from resources. He also qualifies for the program, but with less effective points. Here, his resource points (52) is less than 50% of total points (110), so in this case twice resource points (52 × 2) will be counted as effective points (104).

    Now, let us see how revenue share is calculated.

    1. First we calculate the effective points as shown above.

    2. Minimum total eligible points is 8000 as announced in the partnership program announcement.

    3. Shareable amount is 25% of profit, suppose profit is Rs. 40000 in a given month so shareable amount is Rs. 10000.

    4. Now your share amount will be (Shareable Amount × Your Effective Points) ÷ Minimum Total Eligibility Points. Thus, if you earn 200 effective points in a month, shareable amount is Rs. 10000 and minimum total eligibility points remain 8000, your share will be (10000 × 200) ÷ 8000 = 250 Rs.

    5. If the share amount is a decimal fraction, it is rounded off to the closest rupee.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    How can I add my name for partnership sharing programme ?

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    Hello Sajjad,

    I think you didn't read the thread about partnership sharing carefully. To add your name for partnership sharing program you only have to post resources and thread in forum section. In each month when you earn at least 100 points (out of which 50% should be from resource section) you will be earn partnership shares from Bengal Spider. More you write more you get revenue!

    I recommend you to have a re-look on the threads that I have suggested you to read. Hope you understand.


    Priyabrata Das

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