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    Payment process of


    Sir, I want to know about the payment process of this site. How can I payout money from my Bengalspider account ? And what is the minimum required money for payment ?
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    Sorry for the delayed response. BengalSpider's first time payout threshold is Rs. 750 and thereon it is Rs. 1000. When you reach the payout threshold, on the first week of the following month an invoice will be generated. You are requested to keep track of our Credits Page during the first week of the next month of your reaching payout. When you see a payout announced against your name, you will be issued an invoice. Just fill it in with necessary details, and upload the same. The amount will be directly credited to your bank account through NEFT. For details, please see How to receive payments? page.
    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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