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    Payment Queries regarding payout

    Hello Everyone,

    After a long gap, I have again decided to post articles and earn some extra money.
    But one thing is very much troubling me is that I am not having a core banking account, again I want cash in hand .

    So can any one help me in this process by giving me Cash Payout .?
    I do not want to involve my relatives.
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    Now a days all banks have core banking facilities. You can confirm it with your bank's employees.

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    No i don't have that facility, can you send me Draft

    Please reply me back

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    Hello, could you please give us your bank name and branch so that we can check out whether it has corebanking or not? As Dr Sanjeev has already mentioned, all banks have corebanking facilities these days so it is very unlikely that you do not have a corebanking account. If you do not want to mention your bank name and branch in public forum, you can do so by sending me a personal message through our messaging system.
    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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