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    Query about what to do here

    hi i am a new member on this website. i want to know what have i do to earn point and money?
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    Hello Joyti,
    You are welcome to Bengalspider. This is one of the best information website about Bengal. At first I request you please read carefully the New members FAQ. You will clear your all queries after reading this page. But I also give you some tips about this site follow this;

    • This is one of the best website, from where you can earn money by posting your knowledge. You can post article related about West Bengal and make a good cash credit.

    • Also, this site, also provide Google Adsense. You can earn 90% from your article on this site.

    • Before posting your article on this site, please remember that, this post was not copied from other website or printed source. For more details visit Posting Guidelines.

    • If you have any problem, you can post it on Forum section and get solution from other members. You can also solve other member's problem on this site.

    So, post on this site and make money. Remember always that your post may helped other. Keep posting.


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