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    Shameful matter for civilized world

    Shameful matter for civilized world

    We would like to ask our POLITICIANS whether THEY concerned or not about the distress of innocent Hindu Bengali in the detention camp in Assam.

    We have submitted a memorandum to PMO on 31 March 2016.

    We had attended the joint select committee on citizenship amendment bill on 2016.

    Our priority was mainly focused on d voter issue and innocent persons in detentions camps.

    There is no response from the government.

    Why was Bengal partition?

    Why were Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Christian victimized?

    Shameful matter for a civilized world
    INCIDENT OF 1971

    Why were millions of peace loving citizens uprooted from their ancestral homeland?

    Please answer?

    Three million Hindu Bengalis were massacre,

    Women were forcibly taken away and converted.

    All India Bengali national council
    Shameful matter for a civilized world

    All these matters are in public domain.

    If word corroborates the chapter created so-called national leaders of this country remember the contribution of Bengali revolutionaries, those who shed blood for the motherland.

    Today their descendants are in detention camps.
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    This was the shameful matter that are going to civilized due to the word function on this it was good to read among all. I have to check some details so visit review of this was belong to some famous company that have some worth among international community on this.

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