Unfaithful cheat of doing auction without notifying the customer properly by Muthoot Finance, Nagerb

On 11th September 2017 I got a text to my number 9051574656 like the following --

Dear Muthoot Customer,
your Gold Loan is OVERDUE - AUCTION LEGAL NOTICE sent. YOUR LAST CHANCE NOW to pay or renew account at current rate to SAVE GOLD, AVOID AUCTION & LEGAL ACTION if auction amount is less than actual dues. Pay full interest now & GET 3 months Extension.Ignore if already paid.

Getting that, I informed my husband in Kolkata and he called to that Branch on the same day. Sceenshot of that I am attachong with this email... The very nextvday I sent an sms to Mr Sadananda to wait till my come as I am in Hyderabad and also sent an email to Muthoot on 12th September asking hiw much is my due interest till that date. Muthoot has not replied me anything. On last friday i.e., 15th September 2017 again my husband called to Muthur and asked about the dues on my accounts. He was informed that my gold ornaments has been auctioned. From that branch, they also informed my husband to come to them and discuss about this.

On the other hand, i would also like to mention, there was another gold loan account by my Husband's name Chandra Kanta De. Today we went to Nagerbazar branch Muthut and first we cleared all dues and get back the ornaments against that gold loan account under my husband's name. They also informed us that they send letters to our home. I clearly mentioned them thay we are only two members. I was in Hyderabad. After getting recover from the operation, my husband against started his normal office work. So if anyone will come to our home at daytime then obviously none can find us. Moreover, there is a rent family at the ground floor of our home. So if muthut gave any intimation piece of paper to contact them then it would be our responsibility to collect the letter and contact Muthoot before that auction.