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    Which section is more attractive?

    As a member I am trying to contributing with all sections here. Now I like to know which section is the best place to earn cash? Also please advice the best section to earn Google ads revenue.
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    Hi Pankaj,

    The question here is not which section is attractive, but, which section attracts you? You should better go through the New Members FAQ so that you can get the basic idea of "How to earn through this site?" and in which sections you can earn money and get adsense, if you need any personal help and guidance to see how this site works then ask an editor to help me out, that is either me or Anindya.

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das,

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    Hello Pankaj Coasta,
    We are looking for your Quality Contribution in every section of BengalSpider and you can earn from Google Adsense as each & every section is associated with Google Ads.

    But, from BengalSpider point of View, we till now pay you in Resource, Business, Review, Refferal sections. In future we will add more sections like Links, Forum etc.


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    Thanks dear Ankit,

    I will go thru as per your advice and hope will be contribute which will attract to me.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Pankaj
    I think the members had already guided you what you post, but I should clearly mention that only posts related to Bengal will be accepted.

    Try to post good resources on Bengal, as you are from Bangladesh which was an integral part of Bengal and still many person from Bengal have their relatives at Bangladesh and many Bangladeshi have relatives in Bengal, so you can post resources which may be helpful for them.


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    Thanks dear Sanjeev,

    Appreciated your suggestion and will follow the same. I will try my best to present here all Bengal / Bangladeshi related topics which will be helpful to create a nice networking with others Bengali friends / members.

    May I know one tips from you or from Andi please? That is:
    How can I add a link with my signature to show others? I mean you have a link (Earning opportunity, don't miss) and Andi is having another link (Become an Editor of Assam-Spider).

    Is it allow for all members? Can I use that?
    Actually just today I had submitted community website here named Bangali Friends and I like to use this link as my signature which will help me to get new friend in my own forum section.

    Please advice me in details. Thanks for all support.

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    Hi Pankaj,

    It is called Forum Footer", the feature is enabled afterwards when you reach silver level membership in this site and through that you can give a link to your own blog, website or anything you want others to see! Also Pankaj never use SMS language while typing in the forum or anywhere in this site as it causes confusion.

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das,

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    Thanks Dear Ankit,

    Understood about forum Footer and hope will reach in Silver status within short time, if I am not mistake it should be get after 50 points. So I am so close from that target.

    Dear, I am not using any sms or short language what we use normally in the messenger. From the beginning I am avoiding this. Already I had gathered little knowledge from ISC which is helping me to contribute here.

    Correct grammar, sentence and others quality is very important for this site I know that but I don't know why you mentioned this?

    Did I mistake anywhere in the forum? Mistake can be happen but that maybe my typo mistake, nothing else. But I am very careful about this. Maybe my English is poor but always trying to use correct sentence with proper explanation to get positive response from all members.

    Anyway, thanks for alarming / reminding about the rules and of course will follow the same.

    Have a nice day.

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