Picture Posting Guidelines at BengalSpider.com

Members of BengalSpider,
Follow the below mentioned Guidelines while Posting Pictures

1. Only Post Photos related to Bengal like Bengal Celebrities, Bengal Models, Bengal College, Bengal Event, Bengal Park, Bengal Temple, Bengal Films etc.

2. Do not Post Pictures, which have Water-Mark of Other Website to ensure the Copyright Rules.

3. Use Meaningful Title (Maximum 5-Words).

4. Write at least 2-Lines of Description, which describe the Photo posted by you.

5. Select Proper Category and don't use Offensive Words in Description/Title of the Picture.

6. Check whether the Photo is already existing or not. Duplicate Photos of Existing photo is not allowed.

If any one follows these above-mentioned Guidelines; I don't think his/her Photos will get deleted.

Still have Doubts? Still have Confusions? Lets discuss here on this Topic.

Please let us know; If you find any picture Violating the above mentioned rules with the Link, which will be re-checked.