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    Complaint against Victoria Ford Car

    Squadron Leader S K Pandey
    Base NET & IT Officer
    TELE (033) 25921251
    Extn. 6208 (O) 6228 (R)
    (MOB.) 9331422011

    The Chairman & Managing Director
    Victoria Ford
    Kolkata (WB)

    Sub: Complaint against Victoria Ford for causing damage to my personal vehicle bearing registration number AS01Y9535.

    Dear Sir,

    1. This is to intimate you that I, Squadron Leader S K Pandey, a commission officer of Indian Air Force posted at Air Force Station Barrackpore, received an SMS from TM-VICTORIA
    on my mobile no.9331422011 on 22Mar10 at 1833hrs stating the following "Navaratri is here! Victoria Ford offers 10% off on labour and free pick up and drop, top wash till 31st of March, so avail the opportunity, Plz contact 23457758/60, 03340116666, 9230043008, 990396480".

    2. I decided to avail this facility and therefore contacted Victoria Ford through aforesaid contact nos. I finally could speak to your Manager Ms Ranjana (mobile no.9903964838) on 24Mar10 at about 1645hrs and registered my car AS01Y 9535 for free pick up and drop from my residence. I also intimated the following problems in the vehicle which required inspection and replacement of parts as per requirement. Ms Ranjana booked my car complaint over phone and conveyed that a driver will be coming to my residence on 25 Mar10 to pick up the vehicle for servicing and repair of the undermentioned snags.

    (a) Abnormal sound from the fan belt area under the bonnet.
    (b) Hydraulic oil leak from the power steering system.
    (c) Suspected leak of Engine oil.

    3. On 25 Mar10 at 0930hrs (appx) the driver contacted me on my mobile and introduced himself as Mr. Abbas Ali, a Victoria Ford employee and asked for my residential address from where my vehicle was suppose to be picked up. The driver reported to the Main Guard Room of Air Force Station Barrackpore, at 1130hrs on same day. I was informed by security staff on duty at main guard room that Mr Abbas Ali of Victoria Ford has come to meet me. I informed the security staff that I am coming to main Guard Room in my vehicle to meet Mr. Abbas Ali. Following which I drove down to the Main Guard room and met Mr .Abbas Ali .He was wearing his identity card around his neck and a Ford collar batch hooked on to his shirt's collar. I decided to accompany him to the workshop of Victoria Ford. During our casual discussions he informed me that he was not at all satisfied working with Victoria Ford as they paid him just Rs 4000/-only and tasked him for more that 12hrs daily. He even requested me to arrange a better job for himself.

    4. After travelling for a distance of approximately 5 to 6 kilometres, near Barrackpore Chiriamore there was some unusual jerking in the vehicle and the vehicle was not picking up speed, however the vehicle moved slowly up to Talpukur and came to a standstill. The driver stopped the vehicle on the road side, opened the bonnet and touched various electrical fittings probably to check for any lose connections. After this he tried to start the vehicle but same problem persisted. Some help from nearby motor garage mechanics also did not yielded any result.

    5. The driver Mr. Abbas Ali then contacted their workshop and asked for the recovery team to recover the vehicle from Talpukur to Victoria Ford. Meanwhile, I also spoke to Ms Ranjana and requested her to do the needful. She assured me of all assistance and also advised me to discuss the issue with Mr Sunil Chamal, DGM of you company. I then called up DGM Mr Sunil Chamal, and requested him to do the needful at the earliest. He assured me with the following words "Pandeyji don't worry, the vehicle is now under our control and it is our morale responsibility that we take all necessary steps to recover the vehicle and further rectify all the snags registered by your complaint at the earliest and now you can comfortably carry on with your other commitments."

    6. Having such assurance from none other than the DGM of your company, I went back home peacefully. At about 1645hrs the driver called me up from a mobile no. and confirmed me that two technicians from their workshop have reached the breakdown site and have started the rectification task. I asked him that from whose mobile he was calling. He replied back saying that it was one of the mechanics mobile no. I told him that I am also coming to the site to see the rectification task. At about 1710hrs I reached the site and saw Victoria Ford Mechanics working on my vehicle. I identified them with their identity card. I enquired from them about the problems that have occurred in the vehicle .One of the mechanic, Mr Sushanto Das told me that malfunctioning of the fuel pump was suspected by them and they were in the process of replacing it with a new one. I was present on site until the rectification work got completed and the vehicle declared serviceable. The vehicle was thereafter driven down by the driver with mechanics siting inside the car to your workshop. I came back home at about 1800hrs.

    7. When I did not receive any information from your workshop about my vehicle's arrival until 1945hrs, I decided to call them up. I enquired with DGM Mr. Sunil whereabouts of my vehicle and he replied that he will check-up with the workshop staff and get back to me. When I did not receive any further information until 2000hrs, I called up the mobile no. of the mechanic, the driver answered the mobile and informed me that my car caught fire due to some short circuit and a fire brigade was being called for extinguishing the fire. I was totally shocked by the news whereas my wife got unconscious. I have always cared for my vehicle in the same way as I do for my child and such an incidence happening to my car actually broke me from inside. I did not know what to do now. At about 2030hrs the driver again called me up and informed me that the police have ceased the vehicle and I have to come to the Karaya police station, Beck Bagan to resolve the issue.

    8. At about 2045hrs I hired a Taxi from Barrackpore Chiriamore and started for Karaya police station. In between I received a call from DGM Mr. Sunil and he informed me that, he along with his team members are waiting at the Karaya police station for me. At about 2200hrs I reached the Karaya police station and saw my car which was fully burned. I broke into tears and could not control myself. DGM Mr. Sunil, who was already available at the police station, saw me and came up to me and introduced himself me. After this he also introduced his administrative head, sales head and technical head those were present at the site to me. I met all these people for the first time. He told me not to report the matter with police and Victoria Ford will compensate me for the damages. I asked him that how Victoria Ford is going to compensate me for the damages, for which he had no answer. I went up to meet the officer-in-charge of the police station Mr.Aloke Kumar Ghosh. Mr. Ghosh gave a patience listening to my pain and agony and told me to come next day at about 1400hrs.I came down and told DGM Mr. Sunil that the Officer-in-charge of karaya police station has called me tomorrow and I request you and your concerned staff to come tomorrow at the same time.

    9. On 26 mar 10 at 1230hrs (appx.) I hired a vehicle again from Barrackpore and reached Karaya police station at about 1415hrs. After looking all around I came to know that nobody from Victoria Ford has turned up today. Hence I discussed all my problems and agony with SI Mr. Prabal Roy.

    10. Sir, I want to bring to your kind notice that I am very fond of my vehicle and love to maintain it always like a new vehicle, it is as close to my heart as my child is and I have tried my level best to keep the vehicle self driven only. I deeply trusted your company and that is the only reason why I had handed over the vehicle to your driver and mechanic. I suspect that the fuel pump which was replaced by your mechanic at breakdown site was not properly replaced or there must be some thing wrong with the associated electrical connections, which most probably could have been the cause of short circuit leading to fire. The driver of the vehicle was also mentioning about some short circuit when I enquired about the cause of the accident from him.

    11. Sir, I only request you to kindly intervene into the matter and help me in getting my vehicle back in same condition as I had offered to your company staff on 25Mar10. I want my car to be repaired to original shape or else be replaced by a similar one. I also want you to take definite actions against your concerned staff for total negligence on their part of duty and inefficient handling of on site snag rectification on such a costly car. This incident could have easily led to the damage or loss of public property and precious lives because the fire took place in a crowded public place. I request you to initiate stern action against that the negligent staff of your company. I also want to intimate you that very shortly I will be posted out from Air Force Station Barrackpore to Air Force Station Bhatinda; hence an early solution to my grievances is prayed in your good office.

    Yours' faithfully,


    Mailing Address:-

    PIN: 743122

    Copy to: Ford India ltd
    New Delhi
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    Hello Mr. Pandey,
    It is a shocking news that Brand New Victoria Ford is not in a good condition and the you are not getting proper help from the Dealers and others in North Kolkata region.

    Hope you will overcome this problem soon and please let us know about the Service Quality of Victoria Ford Dealer so that others could know everything before purchasing Victoria Ford.


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