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    Query regarding Winners of KKR NOKIA MAIN BHI COACH

    I wish to know how many participans have recievd prizes ? Who are the top scorers ? I have a valid reason , I have scored 584 points so far but recievd no prize despite confirmation by organisers that 'REEBOK GOODIES BAG' SHALL BE SENT (5TH APRIL 2O10).

    I am simply trying to convey you if organisers are treating the fans & participants are being used to get more support , increase TRP or will fulfill the commitments made by Mr. SRK & NOKIA ? DO RESPOND TO MY QUESTION !
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    Hello Pravesh,

    The Winner List of NOKIA Main Bhi Coach can be seen at (only those who won Match Tickets and Toss Appearances).

    After reading your experience about Nokia Main Bhi Coach of KKR; me too getting confused. As, I am also a registered of KKR Main Bhi Coach Contest with 528 Points. Yesterday only I receive a Call from +91120439xxxx number confirming my Home Address for the Delivery of KKR Goodies Bag and they told me it will take 15-Working Days at Maximum.

    500+ Points means : Kudos! 500 runs and you will be entitled for the "Superstar KKR Coach"badge.

    If you get the Call on 5th April then you still have time to get the Prize. If not then you could Contact the Nokia Main Bhi Coach contact team.


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    Dear friend , thank you so much for a promt reply . I recievd a sms on 30th march 2010 to download 10 music files from nokia music site , when I tried to do so on 30th only ,redemption pin was declared invalid , I reported to , no action was taken. On 5th April I recievd another sms about winning a REEBOK bag with goodies , I confirmed my address but no one contacted me till today. Today about 15 minutes back another sms has come about winning one more REEBOK bag , I have sent my address .
    My scorere is 594 as confirmed by nokia. I have written 8 mails to nokia & KKR ( )' but no one responded .
    Thank you so much for response . My I'd is . I am 61 yrs, a consultant .
    Best regards ,

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    I am keeping you informed ,my points as on today 11 a.m. is 637 . I recievd another sms again yesterday winning a REEBOK goodies bag ?
    Does my HERO ' GANGULY DADA ' visits this site ?
    DADA will prove that he is best openner & will prove it today !

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    Hello Members of BengalSpider,
    Since this topic is under discussion, whether NOKIA KKR Main Bhi Coach Contest Team really send Gifts to the Registered members or not; I am sharing my own experience with all of you.

    When Pravesh, started this Discussion with the Complaint against Nokia Main Bhi Coach Contest sponsored by Nokia, Reebok & KKR. I was also in doubt after reading his messages that he is still waiting for his Gift, which he has won (as per him).

    But, when on 18th April, 2010 - I received a SMS stating that My Gift will be delivered to my address on or after 19th April 2010 by the Blue Dart Courier Service (Code No.47514567030); once again I was assured of receiving the Gift.

    And today on 19th April 2010 at the Noon Time, I received my Gift from Nokia Main Bhi Coach Contest, which is a Nokia - KKR Goodies Bag containing 1-KKR Jersey, 1-Reebok Deodorant, 1-Water Bottle, 1-Bag.

    So, there is nothing to Compliant against NOKIA / KKR / REEBOK for Main Bhi Coach Contest. As, the management sent my Gift from Delhi to Kolkata within allotted time period.

    If any one have any regret or exciting moments with Nokia Main Bhi Coach then requested to share with us.


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    Dear friends
    Neither I am favoring Kolkata Knight Riders nor Shah Rukh Khan. But I must tell you that I am among the winner of Nokia Main Bhi Coach and I have already recieved reebok Goodies bag nearly a month ago.

    Thanks to prompt posting about Nokia Main Bhi Coach by one of our member Great Guy. I joined the same day and now I am with 798 points.

    One more good news to all KKR fans who are winner of Nokia Main Bhi Coach Reebok Goodies bag. You will not only recieve a bag with logo of KKR on that, but also a T shirt of KKR team, a Reebok deodorant and a Reebok sipper in that. Nice isint it.

    So whatever may be the position of KKR in the points table but Team Kolkata Knight Rider will never be a loser as the fans of Team KKR will never decrease.


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    Hi, I wrote to here , Andy gave me phone numbers . I contacted nokia about the prize declared on 5th April , I too have recievd REEBOK bag , t.shirt , slipper n a deo on 20th through blue dart.
    I was assured that my two more prizes shall be delivered by 1st week of may.
    Dada n team proved that KKR could provide results. I am sure IPL 2011 will be KKR's n lift trophy .
    Best regards ,

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    Congratulations to Dr. Sanjeev & Pravesh for the prizes of Nokia Main Bhi Coach 2010 Contest.

    Pravesh, I hope that you won't forget BengalSpider helping you to raise your compliant and for getting the result quickly.

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    Hi .. People unlike the scores i have seen.. I have scored 3577 points until the end of the contest today... Nor have i got a memorabilia, or a goodie bag or a match ticket... Please advice me what to do...

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    I have more than 5000 points but still havent won anything,i dont even know if i would get the phone , could i know the same please

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    Hello Aniruddha & Pinto, has no relation with and this Forum of BengalSpider just give us the chance to raise our voice whether its Compliant, Regret or compliments towards any service related to West Bengal.

    You people scored mammoth points; both of you over 3000+ scores and as per you that you haven't selected as winners. Please check Articles of Nokia Main bhi Coach to clear your queries and doubts.

    No one is Looser; Its the thought that makes us feel that I am looser..
    All the best...


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    I talked to nokia , noida (phone number given by dear Andi. you may speak Rohini on that numbers , she is a great caretaker. She told me that many have scorered 10000+ . Its decided by nokia probably - what to give n cover entire India as marketing funda.
    I am awaiting for 2 more prizes. Andy thank u .

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    Thanks Anindya... well if people have above 10000 then there is really no chance only concern was that I played right from start to end and ended with 5455 points but i didnt win anything..anyway its ok...

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    Dear Andy(anindhya) i have played nokia main bhi coach contest,my score is 1035 runs and i got the winner sms on 19th april (Reebok goodies) i send my address for nokia,it was the last day for contest can i get the call from nokia in 7 days even after the clousure of contest.I need the contact number of Nokia Noida to ask about my prize.Hoping u will reply me soon.My email id

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    Hello Kiran,
    Please contact the number mentioned above (1st response). If you receive the Winning declaration SMS then I hope you will get the Goodies.

    @Pinto & Kiran,
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    hi andy,
    i m also looking forward for some help from u on kkr main bhi coach ...i hv won a kkr goodie bag on 29 march draw n received a notifying sms for d same on 30 n then an address confirmation call on 3 april but till date i have not got my kkr bag whereas my bro who won kkr goodie bag too on 5 april received the same yesterday without any confirmation call..
    looking forward for your reply (

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    hi andy
    i got winner sms of goodie and memorablia but not getting any call from your side from last 15 days... CALL ME AS SOON
    help me out

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    Hi. Its a fact that nokia, noida, (u.p.) has handed prizes to Blue-dart. I fired their Badarpur office ,which is responsible for despatches . I suggest if the sms is 15 days old, contact Bluedart's agent near your home , they will help you. Plz note I spoke to nokia today too for my 2nd prize n also asked why they have doubts about your address ,only those have recievd phone calls. Plz ensure the address you used to register must be correct . If anyone needs my help ,plz mail me, I shall convey it to nokia on monday (they are closed on sat/ sundays-

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    hi pravesh ,
    i read your reply i believe you could help me with my kkr goodie bag issue ...i want to have the contest organizers contact if any possible could read the details from my previous post...
    fahad ahmed (

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