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    Hi This is Kumar

    Hello Everyone!

    This morning I got a warm invitation message from Anindya (Andy) at ISC to join the BengalSpider. I browsed the site for a couple of minutes and decided to join it instantly.

    Thank you Anindya Da for inviting me to such a fast emerging site. I will do my best to enhance it more.

    One thing, Anindya Da, if you do not mind. It was quite clever of you to use Bengali as well as the Bengal sentiment to leave a quick impression! :)

    Nevertheless, jokes apart, it is a really good site. I am loving it and would be glad to see myself as a regular contributor here.


    Kumaraditya Sarkar
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    Hello Kumaraditya,
    Welcome to your own website ( that requires members with excellent writing skills and consistency as well. Both of these two are there in you as I have seen your contribution in other websites.

    The message was sent to you to let you know about which would offer you More Revenue than of others and an opportunity of writing articles on daily life experiences which you are gathering from your daily work at Kolkata. Isn't it easy to share a lot about your hometown?

    Please keep in Mind some simple things that Copy-Pasting and Using of unnecessary HTML Codes in Articles are not acceptable here. I hope you know this small and simple things.

    Kumaraditya, Hoping that you will spent a few hours with this site daily and will contribute like you did just after joining Barahnagar Path Bari.

    Good Wishes to Kumaradtiya!!! Kumaraditya has started Earning from BengalSpider... Are you?


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    Thanks Mr. Anindya!

    Wow! What a warm reception I came across! Yes it is always a pleasant experience writing about my locality, for it does not require much reference work. Thanks once again for inviting me to BengalSpider; I thinks it is doing a great job and will do even much better in future.

    I know the rules regarding copy-pasting since I have contributed a few articles in ISC. Nevertheless, may I not use simple HTML codes like Heading, Bold and Italics to highlight the paragraph headings as well as the keywords? Editors at ISC often instruct to do so. Are the rules a bit different here? Please let me know.

    Did you like my article on the Pathbari? The Editor has edited some parts of it including the title to enhance its quality...was that you?

    Also, I read your post on the Penguine Food Court, Belghoria. How did you provide such accurate information? Do you reside in Belghoria or nearby? Please let me would be a nice experience to have a pioneer right from my locality!

    My exams are in June so I may not be able to write regularly right now. From July you would definitely find me as a regular contributor; that's a promise!

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    One question to add to my previous content..

    There must be some problems with the page or my computer as could not edit the previous post, hence the second one.

    After my article on Barahanagar Pathbari was approved by the editors, I found some tiny mistakes on my part (such as accidental ommissions of articles or prepositions). I have rectified them and resubmitted the content. May I do that?

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Hello Kumaraditya,
    Whatever you post in this site; it could be searchable through Google Search after 1-2 Hrs. Being an upcoming Site, its a good news to us to get importance from Google.

    The reasons why I suggest not to use to many HTML Codes are:
    1. Unnecessary Usage if HTML Codes takes much time to get indexed.
    2. Wrong HTML Coding could lead unsuccessful indexing.
    3. If Google doesn't index your pages, then its tough to get your Adsense Account in future.
    4. It could fetch you Less Point & Cash.

    What are the HTML Codes are allowed during postings?
    1. You can use HEADING, BOLD, UNDERLINE, ITALIC Codes while writing.
    2. H1 - Heading should be use only for Sub-Heading / titles. (not more than 3-4 times in a resource).
    3. B - Bold only Keywords within the resource but 4-5 times maximum.
    4. Underline and Italics is needed.

    Strictly avoided HTML Codes:
    1. Font codes | 2. Table Codings | 3. Referring Other Websites with links

    Special NOTE: - is a separate Regional Website and don't have any relation with Other websites (that you mentioned like ISC). So, It's better not to Compare with and not to Mention those website names here.

    Today received an extraordinary member. So, we won't mind if you took a 10-20 days leave from contribution work of your own site. Good wishes for your upcoming examination.

    *Can you share your Exam Schedule in Resource > Knowledge Sharing > Education section here?


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    Thanks Mr Anindya!

    I will definitely abide by the rules and regualtions and also upload my examination schedules.

    Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.


    Kumaraditya Sarkar

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Hi Kumaraditya,
    It's good to have some one who is doing MA in English from CU. I have read your first article 'Baranagar Patbari' and must say it's good.

    Snehasish Roy
    Siliguri, West Bengal

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