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    KKR as a unit in IPL3

    In KKR there are bunch of good players but it is not a good team. In KKR there are lots of good players in IPL 3 but they are not able to click as a unit. Do you agree with that?
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    If you had asked these question regarding KKR Team / Poor Performance of KKR Team / What would be the reason for Performing worst in IPL-3 by KKR - then it would be easy to answer and giving our suggestions.

    But, now after IPL Cricket Controversy and news coming out of IPL Cricket Match Fixing; it's tough to comment on not only KKR performance, on other teams as well.

    But, Ganguly isn't involved with fixing, so its a great news and lets hope that investigation wouldn't name much players name from KKR for involving in Fixing Matches in IPL.


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    Hello Shubhajit,

    Yes I agree with you that despite hosting a bunch of excellent cricketers, KKR has not been able to emerge as a good team. As far as I understand (I am no cricket expert and these are all my hypotheses) there have been some crucial tactical faults with KKR. I was surprised how the cricket brains like Whatmore, Akram and Ganguly remained indifferent to these issues.

    First of all, I think the player selection of KKR has not been perfect and wrong people were given wrong duties to perform. Since the exact position of a player in cricket is not as rigid as in football, captains often fail to make the most out of them. KKR recruited destructive openers like Gayle and MacCullum, but both of them failed.

    Gayle indeed scored some runs but we do not expect him to be a run machine but a blaster beginner and he did that only in a couple of matches or so. The New Zealand skipper did even worse. They are good players no doubt but both of them like to play on bouncy pitches wherer the ball comes chest-high, at least waist-high. Gayle and Macculum both likes to pull, hook and jab the ball to the square leg / deep mid wicket/ long leg areas. Thus whenever a faster bowler bowled short deliveries to these two, they could play strokes
    well. But slower bowlers on slower wickets pitching the ball up caused some real trouble for them. The same can be said for Owais Shah.

    Matthews is not Jack Kallis. He is a good finisher of the innings but you cannot expect him to build every innings and finish them off with blasting bounderies. Bond needed to know that line and length was much important in IPL than pace. Most of the times he conceded runs in the thirdman and fine leg regions as the batsmans utilised his blazing speed. Also I wonder why Langeveldt did not get much chances. He is a good bowler, hits the deck hard and was an architect behind the first two wins of KKR.

    Also, recruiting so much foreign players and getting them bored in the dugout is not a good idea at all. No player likes to sit idle and this affects the team morale. The maximum run scorer for KKR in the last season David Hussey got only a few chances this year! At least Ganguly must have known the saying: "Adhik sannyasite gajan nashto".

    KKR could not use their men in right positions. If a football coach uses Terry as a striker and Rooney as a central defender he will not win, despite the individual greatnesses of the mentioned players. Ganguly should have come in no 4/5 and offer the spinners what was known as Bapi Bari Jaa (his celebrated step out sixes). Since he has lost his agility with age and has turned a poor runner between the wickets, he is no more an innings builder. Instead he could come and hit some quick boundaries and depart. Until Macculum came, someone like Hussey or Shah should open the innings with Gayle.

    In fact the Twenty-20 format seldom needs an innings builder. KKR players have good averages but poor strike rates. I think it is an amazing One Day team, but not a good Twenty-20 one.

    Finally, a tactical one. All the teams but KKR had matching joursey and pad colours. The contrast of golden in KKR's pad and violet in the jersey is aesthetically pleasing indeed, but this provides the opposition bowlers an easy target. While delivering the ball the bowler sees the batsman with his upper eye (i.e. the right eye for right handers and the left for the rests), and a sharp contrast helps him bowl wicket to wicket. I think this has been one reason of the opposition bowlers bowling in consistently good line and lenght against KKR.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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