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    Is the Bengali food menu only revolves around with Fish or has it got other flavours ?

    Is the Bengali food menu only revolves around with Fish or has it got other flavours ? I heard that Begalis are fond of fish and other sea foods and their food menu generally revolves around this. Is it true? or the food menu is diverse. Please throw light on the topic. Thank you.
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    Hello Mr. Satishkumar!

    Quite rightly you have heard that Bengalis are generally fish lovers and love to have one or two preparations of fish in their lunch. Nevertheless, those include mainly river fishes and not much of sea fishes. Due to the great number of waterbodies of different sizes all over Bengal, fish can be easily available here.

    The usual Bengali breakfast consists of handmade bread (ruti)/ bread (pauruti)/ different forms of perched rice (muri, chire and khoi). We take ruti with vegetable curries, or molasces, or pickles. A little milk, boiled or fried eggs, seasonal fruits like mango, jackfruit, lichi, banana, guava and apple also often share their places in the breakfast table.

    Bengali lunch is generally consisted of rice (bhaat), daal, one or two curries and/or fries (potato fry, brinjal fry, parval fry, ladies' finger fry etc.), a preparation or fish / egg / chicken / mutton. Well to do persons often take card or milk and sometimes one or two sweets as the desert. Khichuri (Hindi khichri) too is a common Bengali dish.

    Ruti and bhaat - both are common choices for the supper.

    Now, some common dishes for special occasions. You cannot imagine a Bengali without Luchi (equivalent of the Puri of North India), accompanied by gram daal (chana daal in Hindi) or brinjal fry or some other delicious foods. Polao is a Bengali version of Biriyani, but it is a veg dish. And then there are various sweets. Bengalis are expert in sweet makings.

    Paayes is a sweet praparation of condensed milk and rice. Some popular sweets are Rasogolla (Hindi Rasgulla), Rasomaalaai, Ksheer Kadom, Chom chom, Langchaa, Goja, Jibegoja, Khaajaa, Nikuti, Sarbhaajaa, Sarpuriaa, Jalbharaa and many more. There are different kind of 'Sandesh'es too (yet another sort of sweets).

    We adore other cuisines as well. Average Bengalis are fond of the South Indian (Dosa, Idli, Dahi Vada, Utthapam etc.), North Indian (Paratha, Tadkaa, Chaanaa Baatoraa etc.), Chinese (Chowmin, Chopsuey, Chilli Chicken, Chicken Manchurian etc.), Mughal (Biriyani, Chicken and Mutton Kashaa, Chicken Rezaalaa, Chicken Tanduri, Kaabaabs etc.), Italian (Pizza, Pasta) and many other cuisines.

    In brief, we love eating! Just search for 'recipes' in the BengalSpider search button and you will discover many more interesting dishes.


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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