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    Your Comment on Mamata's Comment on Bapi Dhar

    Railway Minister said that Bapi Dhar is an Anti-socialist of CPI(M) Party - Do you think so? What do you think? There is no complaints lodged against Bapi Dhar in local PS and even local neighbors claiming that Bapo Dhar is an genuine helpful person. Then being a minister; is it right to comment like this? Share your views..
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    Hello Mr. Anindya!

    Commiting no crime in the past is no hindrance to commiting crimes at the present. Crime does not always include murders and rapes; even trying to violate the election laws, according to the Indian Constitution, is a crime after all. True, Bapi Dhar had a cleansheet in the local police station; but tell me, how many CPI(M) leaders have been recorded in the police registers in the CPI(M) dynasty even after committing fatal crimes? How come one of the main masterminds of the Sain Bari Murder Case in Burdwan has become a minister today? Did anything called police really exist in Bengal behind the uniforms?

    It is true that Bapi Dhar is reported to be a good person in the locality. Still, we have to question ourselves that do the common folk, the les petites gens, dare to speak against CPI(M) leaders in West Bengal? We have to remember that Bapi Dhar was the Secretary of the Local Committee, CPI(M), and hence it could be dangerous to open the mouth against him.

    What was Bapi Dhar doing within 100 mts of the booth, had he had no criminal intention? Police had alreadys submitted a F.I.R. against him, saying that he was trying to violate the election rules and even got involved in physical onslaughts of the duty personnels posted there.

    A death is always regrettable, whosoever the victim may be. The police by constitutional rights has the authority to fire in the leg in such cases and here the policeman has done nothing illegal as well. Bapi Dhar has died due to excessive shading of blood, but that again proves how degenerated the medical systems has become even in the capitcal metropoly of West Bengal! A bullet in the leg is nothing fatal if properly taken care of, and heritage hospitals like Medical College, N. R. S. Medical College and R. G. Kar Medical College are only a few kilometers from the place of the incidence. We shudder to think where the Left Front regime over the past three decades have goaded our health and medical infrastructure unto!

    Mamata Banerjee has therefore done nothing wrong in calling Bapi Dhar a criminal. At least she has the courage to call a spade a spade! The only amendment in the note can be that there are ever more direr criminals all over the West Bengal, even in the ministry, who are still wandering about with upright heads!


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Hello Kumaraditya,
    I totally agree with you and the points you have mentioned here. Hoping to see more personal experiences on Bengal from you in near future.


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    Such comments are not desired but this is the present scenario in Bengal politics. Bengal culture is to be restored. Our political leaders has send it to the recycle bin.

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