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    Killer of Bengal Spider – May 2010 Awards

    Killer of Bengal Spider - The Best performer of the month Award of

    Congratulations to all of our beloved members, who contributed as much as they can and now it's the time for getting some reward for your effort. This award is given on the basis of Active participants through out the month and for contributing Hot & Latest Topics of Bengal in Resource / Business and other sections of

    Top-3 Killers of Bengal Spider – May 2010

    1. Souvik Dhar - Rs. 50/- : Souvik Dhar has contributed consistently throughout the month in Resource and Business section. Some of the good resources are based on Gyaneswari Train Accident and Kolkata Municipal Election updates, which are extremely worthy for Bengal.

    2. Kumaraditya Sarkar - Rs. 30/- : Kumaraditya Sarkar is another regular member of and always comes up with excellent contents like Gyaneswari Train Accident, Kolkata Elections, Study Materials.

    3. Vandana - Rs. 20/- : Vandana has contributed with excellent contents regarding Kolkata Election and Results notifications with in May 2010.

    This is just a Token Cash Reward from but the honor behind this means a lot. Members please join me to Congratulate out Top-3 Killer Members of BengalSpider for May 2010.

    You all are eligible to participate and to win Reward from Lets compete for the next month.

    Note: Members, who already won once are also eligible to win in coming months as well.
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    Wow! That's great! I have won! I can't believe! Just the other day the webmaster Mr. Anindya called me up for my lack of contribution in BengalSpider. And in the following day, he awarded me the winner! Simply, this is going to be another great motivation for me to contribute here in BengalSpider.

    Thanks Mr. Anindya for this. Also, congratulations to my fellow contributors Souvik and Vandana!


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Dear Kumaraditya Sarkar, Souvik Dhar and Vandana Mam,

    I congratulate you on your efforts to rise Bengalspider to its greatest heights. You all three have done a great job in ISC's sister sites. Now you are rewarded for your efforts. Congratulation to all three of you!

    I personally thank Anindya(Andy) to introduce such a great motivational award that it will really boost the new members to join Bengal spider.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Saswato Chatterjee

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    Congratulations to Souvik Dhar, Kumaraditya Sarkar and Vandana for winning the Killer of Spider Award in May 2010.

    You people deserve this reward as all of you comes up with latest hot topics of Bengal.

    Congratts once again.

    Snehasish Roy
    Siliguri, West Bengal

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    Dear Mr.Souvik Dhar, Mr.Kumaraditya Sarkar and Vandana madam,

    Well, my Congratulations on winning the Killer of Bengal Spider May 2010 Award. Among the three, I know about two and I expect the same consistent performance from them in future and my best wishes for many more awards in future in Bengal spider.

    @ Webmaster: I am a new member here. I wish to share a thing with you in this public forum [because I have not reached Silver level yet, so could not communicate with you through message box]. I think the name "Killer of Bengal Spider" does not seem to fit for an awards title. Please excuse me in telling this. I suppose a Killer or sort of thing does not suite the title of the award. I would like to suggest the following titles:
    1. Bengal Spider er Ashirvaad Award or
    2. Banga-Kushal / Banga-Daksha - Award or
    3. Banglar Bagh Award.

    Hope you will not mind about the suggestions by a infant member of this site. Looking forward for your comments on my suggestions. Thank you. My best wishes.

    Your Co-passenger - Satish.
    Water depth is Lotus's height; Mental Strength is men's merit - Thirukkural.

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    Hello Webmaster Ji! I want to know why no response has been posted by you with reference to my response above.

    I expect some comments from you Sir.

    Your Co-passenger - Satish.
    Water depth is Lotus's height; Mental Strength is men's merit - Thirukkural.

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    Hello Satishkumar,
    The award given to the members for their excellent resources that kill the chance of other members.
    Yes I agree with you that the name of the award is a bit different. Since the Site name has 'Spider' in it; then why not using it for good effect. Many people may search for 'spider killer in Bengal' in google and will came to know about our site.

    Anyways, I like the Banglar Bagh Award title and will implement soon.

    Hoping to see your postings in resource or business section.


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    Thank you very much Webmaster for accepting my suggestion and I am very happy to hear from you. I will start my contributions soon for which I am preparing myself now.

    Thanks for the encouragement shown by you.

    Your Co-passenger - Satish.
    Water depth is Lotus's height; Mental Strength is men's merit - Thirukkural.

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    Hello Mr. Satishkumar!

    Sorry for responding so late, in fact I am very busy these days with my exam preparations. Nevertheless, it feels good to see you, a member from the far south, joining BengalSpider, posting regular Forum responses and above all, thinking positively about the betterment for BengalSpider. And see, good thinking never goes in vain, as our webmaster Mr. Anindya has liked your suggestion!

    I can only say one phrase: keep it up!


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Hello Winners,
    Congratulations !!!
    Congratulations for this great success. Your contribution is really impressable for us and continue your good contribution here at and win more prizes from
    Congratulations again !!

    thanks and regards,
    ajay singh,

    QUOTE - There is only one happiness in the world ....... To love and to be love.

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