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    Bidhan Sabha Election 2011 – Contest of Bengal

    Hello Members & Visitors,
    We all know that Bidhan sabha vote in 2011 is the most awaited Political Event coming next. Here, we come with good news for all the members to Earn Handsome Money by utilizing Bengal Election 2011.

    Contest Details & Parameters:

    1. Write Articles on up coming Election related news and updates with good description.
    2. Write Articles on Political Party Leaders (Profiles of Party Candidates) like Md. Salim, Budhdyadeb Bhattacharya, Madan Mitra etc.
    3. Top-3 members, who have posted most number of Articles, will be eligible for the award.
    4. Members should post the URL Links (consolidated list preferred) in this Forum Thread on or before the end-date of Contest. Members not posting the list here won't be eligible for awards. Since, there will be other postings too; so it will be easy for us to recognizing the participants.
    5. Minimum of 30 Resources must for winning the contest.

    Who can participate in this contest?

    Everyone who becomes member of can Write Articles. If you are not yet registered yourself and has knowledge then Join BengalSpider for Free and start earning.

    Contest Time Duration:

    Bidhan Sabha Election 2011 – Contest Start Date: 14th June 2010
    Bidhan Sabha Election 2011 – Contest End Date: 25th August 2010
    Bidhan Sabha Election 2011 – Contest Winner Announcement would be done in August last Week.

    Note: Time period may get extended for making the contest tougher.

    Prize Money of Bidhan Sabha Election 2011 – Contest

    1. 1st Prize Winner – Rs. 150 + 300-Points
    2. 2nd Prize Winner – Rs. 125 + 250-Points
    3. 3rd Prize Winner – Rs. 100 + 200-Ponts

    Note: Each member will get Cash and Points for each and every Article posted. So, if you post total of 30 good articles and get Rs.15 for each; then you will end up by getting Rs. (30 X 15) + Winning Amount = Rs. 450 + Winning Amount.

    All the best wishes to all members and visitors.

    Feel free to ask and clear your doubts, just by asking here
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    Hello Anindya,

    Glad to see the above mentioned contest, thanks for start a great competition for us. The competition should increase the participation in resource section of BengalSpider and also help the members to earn more cash credit and points.

    Happy Posting

    Best of luck to all

    With Regards
    Proud to be a BengalSpider Member

    Mail Me:

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    Hello, Anindya
    I had already posted 2 interesting resources on the elections; can I add them to my consolidated list?


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    Hi Vandana,
    You have posted more than 2 articles on Election in recent past. Please share the links of the 2-Articles that you are talking about. If these 2 Articles are of Political Leader's Profile or related to Bidhan Sabha Election 2011; then it will be considered; since those are not 1-month old.


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    Hi Anindya,

    I have a suggestion: we should have an exclusive category titled Bidhan Sabha Election 2011, so that members can post Resources related to it in that category. Today I posted an article on Mukul Roy, but was confused as to which category to put it as there is no caegory for personalities or for the contest topic of Bidhan Sabha Election 2011. Hence, I put in my article in the miscellaneous category.

    Also, I suggest that you reduce the number of Resources which need to be posted for this contest. I feel that 30 resources is too high a number, which may deter members from participating wholeheartedly in this interesting contest. I think less than 20 should be the limit.


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    Hello, Anindya

    Here are my initial 3 entries for the contest, the first 2 being earlier posts:
    1. Bengal Assembly Elections 2010 Dates

    2. Bengal Assembly Elections 2010 Results

    3. Mukul Roy Trinamool Congress
    [please shift this to an appropriate category if necessary as I did not know where to post it]


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    Hello Vandana,
    It's been a good suggestion to make a New Category to post articles on Election-2011. I have created the Category Bidhan Sabha Election 2011 and I hope that it will help members, who want to post articles regarding Election 2011.

    In case of the Count of Articles; the number of posts (30) is not too much if we consider the Time Duration. If any post 1-Resource daily then we can easily cross 30+ resources in the Time Period.

    Vandana, These 2-articles will be considered for this Contest. Hence your recent count in Contest is 3.


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    Hello Nwaru Chukwuemeka,
    I welcome you to - everyone can participate and win by writing articles related to Bidhansabha Election or Profiles of Political Leaders of Bengal. There is no division or barrier of States, Countries. Every one are eligible to write and raise their voice.

    Hoping to see your articles soon..

    Snehasish Roy
    Siliguri, West Bengal

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    Hi Nwaru Chukwuemeka,
    All the members of BengalSpider can participate in each and every section of this site. You are also has the default permission to participate / Contributue your knowledge and to show your article writing skills through which you can Earn Cash Credits online.


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