How the name West Bengal came..

The word Bengal derives ultimately from Sanskrit Vanga, an area that currently falls largely in eastern India and Bangladesh. Persian, Hindi, and Bengali derived Bangâlah, Bangâl and Bânglâ, respectively, from the Sanskrit original. The term West Bengal originated after the Partition of Bengal province in 1905, when the colonial administration set up the two separate provinces of West and East Bengal.Though the Partition was annulled in 1911, Bengal was again partitioned in 1947 along religious lines. The Western part of the province became a state of India known as West Bengal while East Bengal became a part of the new nation of Pakistan and was renamed East Pakistan in 1955. It attained independence from Pakistan as the new nation of Bangladesh in 1971. In 1999, the West Bengal legislative assembly voted to change the name of the state to "Bangla," but this change has not been approved by the central government.