M2N-MX SE PLUS Memory Problems

Hi, here's the lowdown: Just built a new computer with -> M2N-MX SE Plus, X2 4200+ AM2, Knigston KVR DDR2 800 2GB(2X1), OCZ 610W PSU, X1950Pro, 250GB SATA HDD. The MB has Bios Rev. 0302 (latest).

The problem: At first I put everything in and fired up the computer, but no post, no beeps no nothing. The fans all spun up ok. So I went and cleared the Cmos, just to be sure (the MB was brand new), Still nothing.

Since it has onboard video, I proceeded to remove the GFX card, extra ram stick and sata cable. Booted up the machine, and was greeted by the Wrong Cmos message due to the Cmos clear i did just before.

Went into the bios and configured everything as it's supposed to be (mostly left the settings @ stock, but adjusted the time and the boot sequence). Rebooted.

Everything was fine at that point, so went ahead and put the gfx back in, hooked up the HDD and rebooted. Still going.

Then I went in and put the second stick of Ram in. Rebooted, NO POST..!!

So I took out both sticks, and reseated one, booted, NO problem. I took it out, put the other stick in, booted, NO PROBLEMS. I then put the second stcik in, tried to boot, but NO POST.!!

At that point I kinda tought that the memory may be defective, so I tried them in my main computer, booted up fine on the first try (this was done on a M2R32-MVP MB).

Note that these sticks are rated to run @ 1.8V, and thats what the board is supposed to supply on default, but since there's no option to change/check the memory voltage, I can't be sure.

So I'm stuck there since I'm perfectly sure the Ram is good (both sticks), but there's 1 thing that's bugging me, there's an option in the Memory page of the BIOS regarding "Ganged and UnGanged" mode. I read up that this is for the AM2+ CPUs, and that if you set it to "Unganged" it kinda forces the memory to operate in single channel mode or vice versa, but the information I gatehred is pretty vague, and since this board is more low-end, there's not much infromation on the web for it.