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    Webpage Design

    This is my 3rd attempt at writing a webpage. My first official webpage was made in 1997 it contained heaps of unrelated animated GIFs and images and was really useless. A second attempt was for a university assignment which still had heaps of non-standard html and used java scripting and dhtml extensively. Maintaining the site was quiet difficult mainly because I hadn't really thought its design through properly. Also the website didn't render well on all the browsers I would have wanted, it just worked well under IE and netscape(still had some rendering issues). From these two early experiences and from problems I faced in software development, the lessons learnt regarding usage and conformance to internationally accepted and ratified standards has been paramount in the development of this site.

    This website was designed around the Sliqua template by Phlash. Many thanks to Phlash for his simple yet useful design.

    This site has been to the best of my knowledge successfully rendered using the latest Mozilla, Opera, Netscape and Internet Explorer web-browsers.
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    Dear Harasit,

    What is the name of your website?
    What's in that website?
    Is it static or dynamic?

    By the way forget about these technicalities because I am no techpro at all. Know a very little. But from your post I came to know that you had a troblesome affair to run your website properly.

    My take is that if you are not technical person then just do not think of anyone's help but go for blog straight way. Be it Blogspot or Wordpress. You are done in no time without any technical knowledge.

    Kind Regards

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    Dear Harasit,
    Why not trying Joomla? It's a open source and get the joomla pack as well as tutorial from net.

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