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    Discuss: What should be the criteria of MP

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'What should be the criteria of MP'.

    Recently we have seen the drama of MP's in parliament where they are citing for their own salary hike. Very good. Everyone should cite for their salary.
    But MP's, they got the biggest privilege for being a MP.They got all the facility be it medical, travelling, insurance, everything.
    Govt. of India expense 855 crores of rupees to keep silent these 534 MP's. Still they are not silent but de-stabilizing parliament.
    Shame on MP's.

    My question is that, MP's have asked the speaker of Loksabha that they should get one (1.00) rupee extra what the IPS and IAS officers get.
    So funny!
    Are these MP's comparing them with those highly qualified proffessionals?
    Do the MP's have that kind of merit,professionalism?
    If not so, then we people should raise our voice online. If they can raise their salary on their own and do CORRUPTION every now and then, why should we be bothered about raising voice.
    Please reply and make a thread or webpage for protest.
    This is my humble request to the webmaster and people over here.

    Kind Regards
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    Hi Manidip,

    Good to know your views but I sincerely doubt if our good friends in the parliament will ever pay any heed to such protests.

    I believe that an MP's pay should be equal to the per-capita income of the constituency, he/she represents. At least, this will enable him to relate himself with the people of his constituency, even when he is in the Parliament. At least on those days, when he will be receiving his salary cheques for the month, he will be reminded of the constituency. Moreover, an MP's performance and annual increments should also be directly related to the percentage of growth in the per-capita income of the people of his/her constituency in a year. Till we have such checks and balances in place, I fear, we will be in for such entertainments in the days ahead.

    Let me know your views and let"s spread this word like fire.....


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