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    Killer of BengalSpider August 2010 - Raju, Manidip & Dhananjoy

    Killer of Bengal Spider - The Best performer of the month Award of

    Lets congratulate Winners of Killer Award for the month of August 2010. Just a token money is provided to the Top-3 members in every month.

    Top-3 Killers of Bengal Spider – August 2010

    1. Raju Chatterjee - Rs. 100/- : Raju Chatterjee has contributed consistently throughout the month in Resource and in Business section and managed to accumulate top score of 929 in August 2010

    2. Manidip Chakraborty - Rs. 75/- : Manidip Chakraborty is the emerging Star of Bengalspider and contributed excellently in Resource, Business, Events Sections. Let me tell you Manidip has accumulated 754-Points in just 9-10 Days at the last of August and snatched the Award from other member.

    3. Dhananjoy Chakraborty - Rs. 50/- : Dhananjoy Chakroborty is one of the active members of BengalSpider who loves to share information in Resource Section and just missed the 2nd Prize to Manidip. Dhananjoy Chakraborty accumulated 734 points in the August 2010.

    This is just a Token Cash Reward from but the honor behind this means a lot. Members please join me to Congratulate out Top-3 Killer Members of BengalSpider for August 2010.

    You all are eligible to participate and to win Reward from Lets compete for this month.

    Note: Members, who already won, are also eligible to win in coming months as well.
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    Dear Anindya,

    Thanks that you have some special love and care for us who are trying to let the Bengal Spider grow bigger as ISC.

    I have not snached anything from anyone, Anindya Da. The rule and pointing system is such that I found the second place for the month of august. Dhananjoy Da, Raju , K Mohan all are doing fine work.

    I congratulate all of them who made Bengal Spider become pioneer may be the best in coming months.

    A special congratulations to Raju. He is bit unhappy with me, but time will heal all the hatred or sorts of that kind.

    I am a devotee of Sri Maa, Thakur Ramakrishna , Swami Ji and my Gurudev Swami Atmasthananda Ji. According to them : "Don't find faults in anyone but find fault in you" this is the only way to become happy. So I have not snached anything from anyone. The award I got its fine. But all are pre destined by Thakur, Maa and Swami Ji.

    I am doing this because 50% of the earnings will surely go to BELUR MATH for relief to others who are in need more than us.

    I am doing a job currently in a Pvt. firm, construction firm and find a healthy living. There is no such need for earning more but after taking initiation I feel that something more I should earn and give that away.

    Swami Ji quoted somewhere that, What good or bad we do through out the day offer it to God and you will get those back in thousandfolds.

    So if I do bad to others it will come back to me thousand folds, and if I do good then it will also come back to me thousand fold.

    Oh ho! The response is very long I think.

    Life is too short. Make it count by doing good to others even to enemies.

    Kind Regards

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    Thank you,
    Anindya Da for find me again the 1st Killer award in bengalspider for August,2010.

    I think you also happy for my good job in this month.

    Congratulations to both of you for win this award with me. Specially to Manidip da i am not unhappy with you and just to say your work is too good, Also i wait for a response from you after posting this message.

    Thank you again to Anindya Da .........

    With Regards
    Raju Chatterjee
    Family member of Bengalspider

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    Congratulations to all the winners! You have really done a great job and this is the apt recognition for that. Especially, I am surprised at the quality and quantity of work of Mr. Manidip Chakroborty. He really deserves a special round of applause. Also, Mr. Raju Chatterjee and Mr. Dhananjay Chakroborty are also well known for their enthusiastic contributions, which they have continued to do even this time as well.

    Congratulations to the trio.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Dear Raju & Kumaraditya,

    Thakur, Maa is great. Now Raju becomes my friend again. Keep up your good work. I want you Raju in forum section, so that the site kept alive most of the time. Thank you once again.

    Kumaraditya Da, I have joined Mumbai Spider and promise you, will do the quality work there too. Please wait , Sir. Thank you for overhelming reply.

    Kind Regards

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    Congratulations to Mt. Raju and Mr.Manidip. Manidip has done a great job after joining the race at the middle of it.

    Manidip, why are you thinking that you have snatched anything from anybody? From now onwards Raju will face a tough competition for position number 1 and this will definitely motivate Raju to post more articles.

    This type of healthy competition is needed and our own BengalSpider will be the ultimate gainer.

    Carry on Mr. Manidip and Mr. Raju.

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    Raju, Manideep and Dhananjoy accept my best wishes for having won the killer of the Bengal spider awards. These members were very active and hence this recognition. Hope they will excel in future too.

    K Mohan

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    Congratulations winner hope to see your names consistently here.

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