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    How are you gearing up for the September 7th, date ?


    Come September 7, 2010 and we have a date with yet another STRIKE.

    Really, do not know about how the situation would in other parts of the country, but, for my SONAR BANGLA, it will certainly be a holiday.

    We know that such STRIKEs and BANDHs only add to the miseries of a section of the society. Yet, such events take place over and over again.

    Why can't we use a BLACK BADGE / BAND in our arms to register our protests, through out a day, or week, or even a month while carrying out our routine tasks, instead ?

    I dream about a day in my life, when we will hear our politicians cry for an extra 1 hour work, to protest against such issues. Wonder what would be the reaction of the Government under such circumstances...

    Share your views and enjoy !
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    Our great leaders have called the strike on great causes. They want out betterment. So we should support them.

    Actually they don't need our support because they know people are against strike. Still we observe strike because this is a order from out lords.

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    I appreciate your views. Its time that we should start forming an opinion in such forums so that "Our Great Leaders" are compelled to change their thought process.

    Remember, only we can do it.

    Take care !


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    Dear Somen,

    We do oppose or not the great leaders of West Bengal will remain same.
    Actually my concern is in the root of Indian democratic Process, I do not want to vote these leaders but we are so bound to vote these leaders that is very painful. So the system should be changed. No corrupt person should be allowed to participate in election.

    Kind Regards

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    Great !!!

    How about having some minimum educational qualification criterion for being able to participate in the elections ?

    Actually, there has been quite a debate on this. But then, our great leaders have always opposed to this idea because they believe that every body should be allowed to his share of the "PIE".

    Anyway, do cast your vote during elections, even if the candidate seems to be least rejectable on your "REJECTION SCALE".

    Have a great day !


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    Stikes, bandhs, road blocakades and train blockades have become a routine affairs for the political parties and the people are also taking light. If people are not coming out of their homes and that can be taken as success of strike and bandh means its foolishness. People dont want to involve in quarels and hence keep out. But these so called people reprsentatives give statements that the bandh was success. Dont force people to reject these leaders on later date...

    K Mohan

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    I couldn't less agree on what you said.

    To these leaders, a bandh is considered to be a success if they refrain from moving out of their house on such a day. Little do they understand that it is a 'fear factor' which works in the mind of the normal public which prevents them from moving out.

    Let them remain in their "fools paradise" and "bask in their glory" while we, the people, decide to reject such views and convey our regards in the ballot boxes (sorry, EVMs).

    It was great to understand your views.

    Have a great day !

    Warm regards,


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