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    Discuss: Mobile Phone and SMS has killed the art of Letter writing...

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Mobile Phone and SMS has killed the art of Letter writing...'.
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    I appreciate your concern and agree that Mobiles have robed the art of writing and conversing good english. Writing letters have literaly stoped at the advent of mobiles. People prefer short messages without grammer and soon foget the english too.

    K Mohan

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    Yes Sir,
    Mobile Phone has taken all the creativeness of letter writing, once upon a time we were waiting for one letter with lots of anxiousness, it was great feeling, but now one phone call....there is no Maza.

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    Dear Mohan Sir and Sunandini,
    Thanks for your valuable opinion, In my eyes past was better, Mobile Phone has given lots of facilities but has taken anxiousness which is is important as a part of life. Love letter now history and SMS has taken the place.
    So we have lost of letter writing due to Mobile Phone.

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    Hello everyone

    Well I think the topic is limited to the field of personal letters because from my personal experience I have seen that I have to write a good deal of formal letters even after being quite adapted to the mobile and sms trend. So I guess this topic is really meant for personal letters only as mobile hasn't replaced formal,business and official letters yet.

    Talking about sms mania taking over the letter writing era(personal letters to be precise) I will have to agree on the fact that in this age of telecommunication revolution in India with such a huge percentage of population with a mobile connection it is really not necessary to write anymore and the postal system is there just for those who really have no other means for communication(I am talking about letters not parcels or other features of the postal system).

    So it is not really a shame if we think of it as a new technology taking over an old technology. But throughout the history letter writing has taken the form of an art and has been connected and contributed to our literature. Many letters of famous poets, writers and other celebrities are exhibits for others. With the passing of the letter era these attributes also pass away. But that should not stop us from welcoming the new. We shall keep past and future together to live happily in the present.


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