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    What is h2 and how to use it?

    One of my resources is pending and there is a suggestion to "use h2 instead of font codes". I have no idea about this. Can anyone please explain me?
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    My self also first time coming across such phrase from the webmaster. Please wait for a proper reply from webmaster or editors. Hope they will clarify the doubt.

    K Mohan

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    Hello Subhajit,

    h2 is an HTML code meaning Second Level Heading. When we write an article, whether on paper or on the web, we use different layers of headings, isn't it? For this, we use the Heading Codes with their respective layer numbers, like h1, h2, h3 etc.

    For articles in BengalSpider and its partner sites, we do not need to put the h1 code separately, because the title we enter in the box specified for the title becomes the h1 code by default. A post can have only one main heading or primary title, so the h1 code logically cannot be repeated in a page. We won't use that too and instead we will have to start from the second level heading, or h2.

    The syntax of this code is < h2>Heading< /h2>
    (please delete the extra space after "<" in both cases which is given for demonstration only)

    The result will be like this:


    Similarly, we can use h3 code for the next level of headings.

    You have used font codes, like < font size="value"...> etc. but it's a better practice to use h2, h3 etc. This is because search engines give extra importance to the headings (and remember, search engines can only identify something as heading only when we use h2, h3 etc. If we use bigger font sizes, they won't have the human intelligence to identify that as a heading!). So if we use h2 etc and put some good keywords there, it will optimize the posts to a good deal.

    If still any problem persists, please contact me at

    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Thanks kumaraditya, for your detail reply. Now I understand what I have to do. Normally I use font codes in my resources like this

    < font size=4> Heading < /font>

    It is clear now I will change my resource accordingly.


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