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    Should Politics be banned from Educational Institutions?


    With the state elections round the corner and the level of tensions at college elections on the rise, resulting in deaths (!!!), its time to decide if we should have a reason now to ban politics in all educational institutions - be it school, college or universities.

    Let me know your views.....

    Best wishes

    Somen Chatterjee
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    Somen thanks for becoming a new member of this site and raising a good issue for discussion. Campus should not be pulled into politics. See the pathetic situation of OU students in AP. Telangana agitation entered the campus, many students lost their lives, and many cases were filed against arrested students which were not withdrawn even till today. Yes WB is going to polls shortly and Campus must be kept away from the politics.

    K Mohan

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    In a democratic country like India, politics in educational institution can not be banned. Our future MP,MLAs are preparing themselves from this stage of life. After all politics is also a profession today and it is much more lucrative than that of Doctors, Engineers.

    Actually the present situation of the colleges is alarming. Different party leaders are also involving in college election which is not desirable.

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    Politics in educational institution is not desirable at all. Students come into schools & colleges to learn about their subjects and make their career. Bloody politicians play with the future of the students for their personal interest. In west Bengal not only life loses, eyes lose!! Just think about the student who comes from a remote village to learn something in kolkata, not able to do the same for the political violence in colleges. Educational temples are now turns into arena of violence.

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    It's great to learn about your views. In my opinion, there remains very few reasons for allowing politics in educational campuses. An educational campus is appropriate for having debates on various national issues but I cannot visualise a campus as a breeding ground for our future law-makers. Let us not forget the fact that not all students share equal level of interests on political issues, however, when violence breaks out within a campus, their democratic rights for education are also compromised.

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    This is really a good topic. No, politics should not be involved in the educational institutions. The question is that why should some students who really want to be something suffer due to this. The political wars and disturbances really effects the studying environment of an institution or college. So I will say that politics should stay away from the educational systems and it should be banned.
    Ankit Patwari

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    Ankit, it would be a daunting task indeed. Read Dhanajoy's views above. Many of us still believe that a "ban" would necessarily be an encroachment on an individual's fundamental rights. We need to form an opinion and try to save some precious lives instead. The political parties, however, will never support our views.

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    Dhananjoy it seems you are supporting the cause. Politics inside the campus us premature and spoils the students education. See TRS struggle entered OU campus, and now exams stands postponed and the career gets affected. Days are not far away when Companies will spell that those who studied from OU are not eligible for their jobs.

    K Mohan

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    Mohan, what you have indicated is dreadful. If it so happens, students passing out from OU, having no affiliations or links to any political parties whatsoever, would be the worst hit, because, students with connections will still stand a chance to steer themselves out of such a situtation - thereby strengthening the resloves of these parties.

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    Yes Somen expect this to happen. Already campus interviews by some companies are taking light of OU Certificates. JNTU is okay for them. My fear is that TRS is playing the with lives of students and eventually loosing the career at the cost of politics.

    K Mohan

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    No a ban can be a way out to the problem. Students who want to get involved in politics for them some other institutes should be build. At least politics could be banned in some institutes in which only those students take admission those who want to become doctors and engineers. Why should they be in a problem for these politics? So in ma view point politics should be totally banned from these kind of institutions.
    Ankit Patwari

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    Ankit, it was great to know your views yet again. However, it would be a difficult task for law makers to selectively impose a ban on educational institutions. Rather, a blanket ban would be more justifiable. After all, what is the purpose to have such options within a campus, if the whole purpose of education is defeated in the long-run. I know of at least one college in Kolkata (a reputed institution) which do have a student's union in the campus, without any political affiliations. This has been the practice since we went to college way-back in the mid eighties and I believe, till today, it exists. So, generally, it also grossly depends upon the college administration.

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    @Somen. Yes, you are correct and your point of view is absolutely right. Union among students is a different thing, it should not include the political parties and voting. These thing only causes disturbances in the educational environment and the culture too. In some places like in our Burdwan Raj college only it is politics which had entered into the college environment and it is crating a lots of problems. The students are more engaged in voting giving threats and these kind of jobs other than studies, while some students are there who really want to study. For them the actual problem lies. Why should they suffer?
    Ankit Patwari

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