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    How to Catch a Thief with a Hidden Spy Camera

    Approximately 6 months ago, we were contacted by an owner of a local pharmacy.
    He had a problem; a common one in fact that involved theft.
    The pharmacist at this local pharmacy noticed shortages in the cash register on a frequent basis. He suspected one of the employees (cashier) may have been involved due to her deteriorating work performance and the frequency of the losses with her shift.
    After discussing this matter with the owner and pharmacist in detail, we devised a plan. As fire inspections were common in the area by the local fire department, the owner mounted a smoke detector on the ceiling, directly over the cash register so it blended in with the décor of the store.
    This was no ordinary smoke detector. He purchased and installed a Down View Smoke Detector Hidden Camera. The hidden smoke detector camera was wireless and transmitted on 2.4 GHz frequency to receiver that was supplied free with the hidden smoke detector down view camera. The receiver was in a locked closet in the office and simply plugged into an existing VCR that the owner had so he did not need to buy a recording device..
    The smoke detector camera was very sophisticated and featured.003Lux which allows best possible images in almost complete darkness. The camera required some ambient right, but the store was well lit, while open for business.
    The first day – No shortage of cash in the register
    The second day – No shortage of cash in the register, even while the suspect employee was working.
    The third day – FRIDAY (party time) a shortage of about $60 was uncovered after the store had closed. The owner stayed behind after all the employees left and viewed the long playing video tape in a fast mode. As suspected, the [URL=""]camera[/URL]captured clearly the suspect employee placing cash in her pocket after making change during a couple of transactions.
    Little did the owner know that the suspect employee was also helping herself to some for the oxycontin that was to be picked up by customers.
    The police were notified, a report filed, the employee was questioned and denied any participation…until the video was played for her.
    She was subsequently charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance. Oh yeah, by the way, she was fired as well.
    If you have a loss prevention issue, we may be able to help with high tech surveillance equipment at affordable prices. You can even monitor your business from your home or I-phone through [URL=""]IP camera [/URL]systems. This is an economical resource to minimize employee theft.
    During my 30 years of police service to the community, I witnessed the shattered lives attributed to crime. Throughout my career, I learned a valuable lesson; Our safety and the protection of our families should be our primary concern!
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    Roubyehya welcome to this site and thanks for sharing this good information. Please post this in the resource section and it will fetch you good points and cash credits too.

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