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    Responsibility to senior cetizens.

    Dear Friends, We know one day everyone will become older, in spite of that in most cases we don't take proper care of the senior persons ( of age above 65 years ) in our society even in our families also. I regret that how we forget all their care make us a perfect human being. Now a days we are able to do everything as one day they ( our guardians / senior person ) took care of ourselves. So friends I would like to request you all to respect the senior persons and take proper care of them. Remember one day we will also become older / senior.

    Thanks, have a good day!

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    Please read my topic and vote it accordingly.

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    Its good to know that you have a positive feeling for your seniors and a human being should have. I truly appreciate this point of yours and even I want that people should take care of their seniors. One who loves others is only lovable.
    Ankit Patwari

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    Saswati thanks for becoming a member here and welcome to this site in the forum section. Yes we must care the senior citizens. They always expects that the younger generation must listen to them. Old age is always taxing and they expect a good response from the family and others to respect them.

    K Mohan

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    Saswati is a very nice colleague. She is a responsible person. I whish her success in every respect.


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    good morning mam!senior citizens should defeinetly be respected.i don't understand why people forget their warmth their love their caring nature to us .if they can give their whole life for the betterment of ourselves then why can't we take care of them when they become old.why can't we give a packet of happiness.we should understand their feelings too.they are very good advisory power even we can take help from them.though i know when people become old they start behaving like child.they start developing a irritating we should make some effort to understand them.


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    Hello everyone

    I would like to add a fact to this topic that after the budget announcement of the economical year 2011 it has been officially decided to consider the age of senior citizenship 60 years in stead of the previous 65 years.

    Senior citizens may become physically troubled with age but the experience they gather through their life is invaluable and any advise from them should be matter of concern for us and we should under no circumstances cancel them out from the list of useful people in the world. Their role in the society holds great importance and we will do well to remember that.


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    Hello Mr Bhaswar Mukhopadyay,

    This is a nice information, I will suggest you to put this information as a different Forum thread so that every one can see that and resond to it.

    Thanks a lot,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    I want to convey my thanks to Mr. Ankit, Mr. K. Mohan, Mr. Amit, Mr. Bhaswar and Ms. Sweta for their great opinions. I hope if we try we can make the world a enjoyable place for our respected seniors.

    Lots of love and regards,


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    Hi Saswati,
    I felt very happy to see this topic in bengalspider. Hoping for the best to senior citizens. The reason for this scenario is nothing but socioeconomic status. Though we cannot neglect by saying this, but the ultimate and hard truth is the impact of small, fragmented families.

    Thanks for putting this topic in bengalspider.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Dear Mr. Debashish Bhattacharya,

    Thanks for your comments. But I'm not agree to your reason " socioeconomic status ". We ( young generation) are not
    compromising to our needs, our child's need then why the older
    people will be neglected ? One more question to you, why the
    families are small now a days? I think one reason to avoid the
    burden of the older family member. One think I would like to
    mention that for professional purpose members of a family can
    be physically separated from his parental family but they should
    not be separated mentally if the young generation is properly concerned about their older family members.

    Thanks & regards,


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    Hi Saswati,

    Yes you are right that they should not be mentally separated. Now a days life has become faster. To maintain this pace we are forgetting some emotional values. It is not the problem of that particular person, but modern science says the physiological structures are also changing due to this fast life. The only solution to overcome this is to slow down the pace. I think you have noticed that we are gradually loosing patience. The meaning of patience is power of suffering pain. It the the external inputs of this world that is affecting us now. We are not out of it. So this is the main reason of neglecting our senior citizens.

    Hope some day we will be able to realize this.

    Thanks for your sensible post.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to thank saswati for choosing such a wonderful topic for discussion. Yes she is very right that we should understand and fulfil our responsibilities towards elders. I hope everybody will take some inspiration from this forum thread and will follow this in their live. Thanks a lo Saswati.


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