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    Why people smoke?

    what is the reason behind smoking?
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    Smokers can't answer this question. They do not know why they smoke. Normally this bad habit starts from the adolescence period to develop a macho image.

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    Loneliness induce the people to smoke

    I have seen many people who tends to feel lonely opt for smoking as their immediate companion. I think if the smoking person is kept engaged in talking or conversation, he will tend to forget the smoking to larger extent.

    K Mohan

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    There are many reason of smoking:-
    1. Some people think smoking reduces tension. Students start smoking during study preparation before exam.
    2. There is a felling when the filter touches your lips!
    3. Someone thinks it look smart or manly when you smoke.
    4. It is a habit which is hard to stop.
    Finally I want to clarify that I am a non smoker and the above are the statements of my friends. I think these are all false statement. What do you think?


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    About your point 2, Kissing is very good for heart. Doctors can clarify it, but kissing a Cigarette is harmful to heart and every body knows it. So, my conclusion is simply change of direction is better for health.

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    just to reduce their tension 80 percent of the people are puting their lives in great danger.i don't understand why.the student section of the society are knowing that they are putting their lives to risk still they are smoking.some just smoke to impress the girls.well thre is a lot of reason to smoke.i can't tell that stop smoking but reduce smoking.that is only the way.

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