The most responsible business leader: Bill Gates

Bill Gates topped the business category and Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie scored high marks but many Americans through the spy camera said they have difficulty naming a responsible leader or celebrity, according to a new poll.

Most of the 1,001 Americans questioned in the survey for the spy camera and said the valued responsibility, but they just didn't see enough of it in other people.

"The index shows that people want more responsibility in their lives, but they are not always certain how to achieve that goal" said Kathy McManus, of Liberty Mutual Group, a global insurance company that conducted the poll.

"There's no playbook for responsibility, so increasingly we see individual working to create their own."

Fifteen percent of people chose Gates, the co-found of Microsoft, as their top responsibility business leader and eight percent named Winfrey and Jolie as their choice in the celebrity stakes.

But 33 percent said they couldn't select a celebrity that embodies responsibility and 37 percent had same response when asked about a business leader.

More than three-quarters of the people questioned believed reality television shows have a negative impact on personal responsibility, and a similar number thought media attention on celebrity lifestyle diminished people's sense of responsibility.

When asked to rank themselves, teachers, young Americans and married couples gave themselves the highest marks for responsibility.

"Americans associate personal responsibility with family obligations and the effects of one's action on others," the company said in a statement

Seventy percent of Americans said to the spy camera that they thought they had become more responsibility in the past five years, while 74 percent said they believed other people had become less responsible during the same period.

"And on average, more than 70 percent of Americans believe teenagers, young adults and parents are somewhat or much less responsible than years ago." it added.