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    Time taken to award cashes for resources

    I have posted 3 resources yesterday.
    How much time it will take to validate my resources and award cash to the resources.
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    Hello Madhu
    First of all, I must appreciate your interest and energy level. There are posts which require proper optimization to make it search engine friendly. Our experienced member are now almost accustomed and know how a post can be made with good use of keywords, but posts of new members need to be edited, so it takes time.

    However a well optimized post by members will not only take less time to get approved but also fetch better points and cash credit. If you are interested to know how to optimize your post, please go through last four links of Guideleines. Still if you have any doubt feel free to contact me. I am looking forward for your well optimized posts and better earning.


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    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for your answer.
    But actually how much time they will take

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    Normally it will take 2-3 days maximum to approve your resource. I also advise you to visit How-make-beautiful-Resources. Go through it and post beautiful looking resources in future. Best of luck!

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    Hi Madhu,

    I hope you got your answer. Yes its takes some time for editing and approval of resources. If they are well optimized and well written. They can be approved ver quicly almost as soon as an Editor sees them. Because their work losd is reduced heavily, which they have to put otherwise in optimizing the article.

    So depending on many factors like number of pending resources, to what extent they need to be edited it takes normally 2-3 days as said by our webmaster and Subhajit above.


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    If the articles are written properly then they may be approved that very day only. My articles were approved that day only. It took maximum a day or two for the webmasters to approve them. I will suggest you to give proper headlines for your articles. Use bold letters for your headlines and highlight them. Use proper sentences and give a topic which normally others search for in the internet then only those will be useful for people and the topics will be approved easily and you will also get a higher amount of cash credit as well as points.
    Thank You.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Madhu thanks for becoming member of this great site and happy to note that you have started making good resources contributions. Please note that being new member you can make some mistakes. Better to check them before uploading. And also visit the pending section of the resources and look for any corrections.

    K Mohan

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