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    Is marriage essential to live a life?

    Dear friend, Good morning! I want your opinions on the above mention topic.
    Is really marriage essential to live a happy life? Otherwise Do the married
    couples really pass a life long happy time together? Let me know your opinions.


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    no,according to me marriage is not essential to live a happy life.but the main factor is that we belong from the society and it has certain terms and conditions which we have to obey,we maintain the terms and condition so society helps us to maintain our relationship through the legal systems.and on rhe other hand marriage is something about security which is not so intensely present in the case of live in relationships.but this is totally my opinion,other may disagree

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    Dear Malini, Thanks for your response and your opinion also.
    I also want to inform you a very interesting point that The Chair person of the West Bengal Commission for Women is also Ms. Malini Bhattacharya.

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    Hello Saswati
    I appreciate your activities at your own site Bengalspider, to maintain the essence of the site, please take a bit care of gross spelling mistakes.

    I have corrected one of your forum where your title was written as "My poin is verrying without any further activities." Please correct this one. We need your cooperation to maintain the dignity and reputation of the site.

    Dear Malini
    I am sure your love and affection towards our state West Bengal brought you here, please try to write in correct pattern starting sentence in capital letter and give space after comma or fullstops. I expect your full cooperation in maintaining this site.


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    Hello Dr. Sanjeev
    Thanks for your advice. I will keep this in mid further.

    Hello Saswati
    Its good to know that the name of The Chair person of the West Bengal Commission for Women is also Ms. Malini Bhattacharya. I feel honoured and thanks for giving me the information.

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    Dear Webmaster,

    Thanks for the advice.



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