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    Now all active members can share profit of the site Bengalspider

    There have been good activities at the site for last few months, but unfortunately we have been rewarding only three member as Killer of Bengal, now we are launching a partnership scheme where all active members will get share of profit of the site.

    Following the partial success of the revenue sharing scheme at various other sites, we take pleasure in coming up with revenue sharing of the sites profit with all active members, with the following model. This model will be implemented from 1st January, 2011.

    1. All members meeting the minimum eligibility criterion of 100 effective points will be considered for the share. Please note that a minimum of 50% points in the Resources Section is mandatory. If a member have 400 points in total but 100 points in resource section then his points will be considered as 200 only.

    2. 50% of the total revenue profit of the website will be shared among the members. A particular member will get the sum equivalent to A / B * C (A divided by B into C) where A is half of site's monthly revenue, B is total effective points scored by all members and C is total effective points scored by the member concerned. For example, if a site's revenue is $100 or approximately Rs. 4400/-, then Rs. 2200/- will be distributed among the members. If total effective point of all members is is 4400 and your effective point is 500 then you will get 2200/4400 * 500, that is Rs 250.

    3. Minimum total eligible points will be 5000, means if total points of all eligible partners are 3200 still it will be considered as 5000 and if you have 500 points then your share will be 500/5000 * 50% revenue, not 500/3200*50%

    4. This programme will be for three months, that is up to March 2011. After that, we may or may not continue with the same. So earn as much as you can in this three month, a member can earn even upto 5000 Rs a month if he gives such kind of effort.

    More you will contribute, more optimized resources you will post, traffic of site will increase thus profit will increase and your share will increase. Post all current events of Bengal, fair, festival, admission in school, colleges, results, etc.

    5. Taking resort to unfair means such as copying will discontinue a particular member for the entire period.

    Post your feedback.
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    Interesting announcement. There are so many current hot topics like state politics, world cup cricket etc. So members, please increase your resource postings.

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    This is the most awaited announcement here. The individual performance here now transform into a team game. This means members will get more cash in Bengal Spider as you rightly said earning can go up to Rs 5000/-. I have some query, please reply. This will also help the new members here I think.

    1.What is effective point?

    2.Please explain point no 3 Minimum total eligible points. If the minimum point is 5500 why you consider 3200?


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    Hello Subhajit
    Calculation is simple, at present sites revenue is about 500$, by active and proper contribution of members it will certainly increase. Suppose if it reaches 600$ then 300$ will be shared means about 13500 Rs. Now the total points of eligible partners is 6000 out of which yours is 2000 then just see how much will be your share-

    2000/6000 * 13500 = 4500 Rs. If more than 2000 points then even more. If the members contribute well optimized posts then the figure 13500 which I quoted here will also increase thus increasing share.

    Now coming to your query, as it is mentioned that 50% points should be from resource, so if your total score is 400 but only 100 from resource then your effective point will be 200 only, but if your total score is 400 and 300 from resource your effective points will be 400. Points from poll, community, poll votes, community membership etc will not be taken in account.


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    Thanks for your detail response. Now it is clear to me. Hope this will boost our earning.

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    Hi Sanjeev sir,

    A very good initiative to boost the morals of the members and and at the same time for taking bengalspider to the greater heights.
    This additional income will provide handy for those who are investing their quality time in posting aticles or resources. At the same time it will act as a motivative factor for newcomers to work towards achieving this. So that next next time their name could feature here.

    So a very nice announcement indeed.


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    Hello Sanjeev sir,

    This scheme will be truly beneficial for the serious contributors of BS and will inspire them and other members of BS to contribute even more quality resources which will take the site to greater heights. So this step taken by the management is really wonderful and is good for both the members and BS itself. Upgradation of BS will in return benefit the members.

    Hope to see you guys coming up with brilliant strategies like this all the time and thank you for this lucrative and reasonable opportunity. Though I am a little late in joining BS and I have lost two valuable months still I shall try to get the best from whatever remains.



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    Thanks Sanjeev sir, to give this opportunity and i think that if it will continue upto election period that is upto 13th of may then so many unknown news may come in this site.
    subrata ray from bengal

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    Hi Mr Sanjeev,
    Hope this will inspire all the new members. It is a good step for the benefit of all.


    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Hello Debashish Bhattacharya,

    Definitely this is good opportunity for the active members to get rewarded for their hard work. Not only this, it will also take site to greater heights.


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    Hello everyone

    I am happy to tell everyone that our webmasters have taken the decision of continuing this wonderful program for three more months. Now active members can reap the benefits of this opportunity till June 2011 and also help Bengal Spider achieve greater success.

    This announcement was made by Dr.Sanjeev sir in the announcement forum in the thread Partnership share for March 2011. Thanks to our webmasters and other seniors that such decisions in favor of the members are taken taking in account the interest of the site. I personally truly welcome this decision and intend to make good use of this opportunity.


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    Hi Mr. Sanjeev,
    Thanks for the cash prize I have received from BengalSpider.

    Hope this site will always be fair with rules and profit sharing. This attitude will help to grow more.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Thanks sanjeev sir for giving oppertunity for next 3 months(award) and so many thanks again that you keep my request (I request in this forum on 02nd march).
    subrata ray from bengal

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    Hello Everyone,

    We are excited that this revenue sharing program is continuing for next three months and now there is separate thread for that information. Kindly post your response there. Yes Indeed this is very good step taken by our respected webmaster to continue thus revenue sharing program for the next 3 months.


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