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    Cash credit not given

    Dear Sir,

    Why cash credits have not been iven to my self written 3 articles, points have been aarded but no cash

    Why ??
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    Your all 3 resources are well written. But they are not related to Bengal. Please go through 5 Top tips for article writing & making-money in Bengalspider.

    I also want to add as per the current partnership program point is equivalent to money here.


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    Dear Sir,
    It is not the right way. There are forums named like that , but cash credits must be awarded to them also.
    This not the right way

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    Madhu thanks for becoming member of this site and glad to know that you have already submitted three good resources. I fully support your demand that if the resources were approved then you must get cash credits. It may not be this site centric, but resource is a resource and due credits must be allotted.

    K Mohan

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    Hello Miss Madhu,
    Through I am not a editor or webmaster of Bengal spider But I would like to guide you for well posting.
    You have told that your posts are not credited with cash. The basic problems for this are:
    1)Your posts are not optimized totally. Its looking like a plain article. You should give proper keywords in this article and proper heading also. If you post normally your post may get 200-300 th position in Google search result but a well optimized post can easily get 5-6 position in Search engines results.

    2)Your content for the resources are very short. Resources section is meant for posting articles with 100-200 words so no or small amount of cash credits are given. You are posting well but you need some guidance about optimizing and proper keywords.

    3) You are not using punctuation marks correctly like give space after comma or full stop etc.

    4) Don't worry about that you are not getting cash credits cause now Revenue sharing programme is available in Bengal spider so you can see in January revenue sharing list that members has got RS 2 for each point(approx) in this site so when your posts are 4-5 points you should assume that they are worth 10 rupees.

    I am attaching a copy of your posts which are not credited with cash but I have optimized them so you can get a good idea about this. Also you can get very good information regarding this from Sandy Sir and Kumaraditya Sir.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa Spider

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    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa Spider

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    Hello Madhu
    After implementing partnership program, each point have now some monetary value as you have seen members having more than 100 points got more than 200 Rs means each point values more than 2 Rs.

    Now as Subhajit said cash credit is given to the post according to the potential of that resource to bring traffic. Posts related to Bengal and that too if well optimized can bring more traffic and can get good cash credit.

    As you are a new member I will suggest you to follow Posting guidelines. This will certainly help you to know how to post well optimized posts to get good traffic, and your post will get good points and cash credit. Remember a post with 25 points and 10 Rs cash credit here are getting 60Rs 50 Rs from points and 10 Rs from cash credit.


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    Dear All,
    It will be better if you please award me cash credits to my post, because its not the right way

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