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    Cash not rewarded


    Yesterday I have posted two articles, one on Vidyasagar Setu and another on Aparna Sen.
    Vidyasagar Setu has ben validated and cash has been rewarded but aparna sen article is not showing?

    Why its like that. I have posted the 2 articles almost at same time awith 1 hr difference or so

    Why Aparna Sen has been not rewarded with cash?
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    Hi Madhu,
    First of all I want to thank you for your active participation in Bengalspider. You are a new member of this site. So, you have to improve your writings day-by-day. You can found some change in your article after editing. These changes are for key words and to make the article search engine friendly. Please consider the style while writing a new resource. You can use HTML tags in your writing which will make your resource beautiful . Posting of new members like you need more time for improvements to be made in the articles which normally done by the editors or the webmasters. Maximum 2 days time is required for approval.


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    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for your response. But this is not my answer. Two postings done on the same day with nearly 1 hr difference , but one has been awarded and another is not.

    This is my Question

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    Hello Madhu,
    one thing is You are new so you need lot of things to learn. Your posts are not search engine friendly at all. Make your posts according to SEO.
    And about your question I would like to say that our webmasters and editors are always busy with editing and posting so they are getting very less time for optimizing so they have taken your post in new submission after they optimize it , the post will be approved. Contact the Webmaster or editor for SEO tips.
    If you post according to SEO then your your post may be approved in just few hours and with higher points and cash.
    Follow the guidelines of Bengal spider and post good and earn good.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa Spider

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    Giving cash rewards to all resources is not compulsory. Articles with good information and West Bengal centric and which is having special importance will always get good points and cash credits. Just because you posted an article of your choice may not interest us or this site and hence cash credits are not given.

    K Mohan

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    Hello Madhu
    Your post on Aparna Sen is good and need a bit optimization. That is why it is not edited yet, I will optimize it and approve today. Try to learn how to optimize a post, if you will post well optimized articles, it will be approved soon as I will not have to work more on it than to approve it.


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