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    Primary school Teachers of west Bengal govt. ‘sell’ midday meal rice

    Origingal fact

    The headmistress and a teacher of a primary school in Burdwan have been arrested for allegedly selling off 250kg of rice meant for the midday meal scheme.

    Who Saw them?

    on Tuesday when two farmers in Gonna village, where the school is situated, saw headmistress Banasri Thakur Mukherjee and teacher Joydeb Gorai "slip into" a grocery shop minutes after a cycle van carrying six sacks stopped in front of it.The farmers informed other villagers about the incident. Yesterday, around 100 villagers went to the school and demanded an explanation from Mukherjee and Gorai When Mukherjee and Gorai denied the charge, the villagers called police.

    Teachers' answer

    The duo told the police that they had sold the rice to raise funds to organise Saraswati puja at the school.

    Responsibility of the teachers and the west Bengal govt.

    1. Is the pay scale is low ?
    2. why not Govt. take serious action against them?
    3. why the Govt. impose rule to all the teachers including English medium school teacher in this type of case?
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    Shame on the part of that teacher who resorted to sell the rice meant for feeding the children at the school. It is really pathetic to note that The headmistress and a teacher of a primary school in Burdwan have been arrested for allegedly selling off 250kg of rice meant for the midday meal scheme. Harsh punishment must be meted out to her.

    K Mohan

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    thank you mr. mohan to response by article. i hope like you so many people like you are know the character of w.b. govt. school teaachers.
    subrata ray from bengal

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    This is due to the corruption in every where in West Bengal. Teaching is such a profession where ethics and values are very much needed. This is not only for state government aided school teachers, but for private school teachers also. This is a matter of concern that presently teachers are not coming in this profession with a determination to impart good teaching.

    With one incidence the whole teaching community, specially government school teachers can not be judged. Many teachers after their retirement donate the entire P.F amount to the school. We have seen such incidences also.

    Actually many teachers can be found who are in this profession either due to better salary structure or without any options. They simply take this profession for earning and by any means which is dangerous for the future generation.

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    Subrata please follow this news further and inform the latest development of these teachers. Whether they have been given good punishment or let off by the police after warning. Such type of public news must be followed upto the logical end and let us know the further development. I am more interested.

    K Mohan

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    This is great news ! At least the state government now has a task in hand to recruit teachers with bad selling skills. At least this should be a criterion in the recruitment notifications, henceforth.

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    yes soumen you point out another part of the teacher which is the lack of govt. that w.b. govt. should give a column in the recruitment for selling experience of mid day meal that no body can know except some party members.
    subrata ray from bengal

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    sorry mr. mohan i do not know the updated news because this is our bengal people and bengal news paper characteristics to forget the news and for this reason the culprits get bail easily.
    subrata ray from bengal

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