Introduction of webmasters

Dear members let me to the webmasters of There are 3 webmasters at present.

1. Tony John - I dont think any introduction is required for him. He is running India's most popular educational portal He is now a big brand in the field of internet marketing.

2. Dr. Sanjeev - A doctor from Kolkata and site coordinator of He has shown his skill in writing about health and family welfare. His other field of interest is business and finance.

3. Kumaraditya Sarkar - He is a student and has done his post-graduation in English from the University of Calcutta. He is a skilled writer with expertise in using keywords, giving optimized title and English is already his strength and one can see his posts at this site.

Any assistance required for this site, please contact any of these webmasters.
Soon we will be adding editors, that will be chosen from active members of Bengalspider.