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    Do you think street baggars should be allowed to beg on the streets?

    Street beggars are found in all the cities and towns of West Bengal. They pollute the social beauty of the places. Do you think that these street beggars should be allowed to beg in the important parts of our cities or towns?
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    Dear Ankit,
    You are asking a good and important question. Really it is a big problem to our state and as well as for our country. They decrease our social beauty of our country. But one thing that came to our mind that the persons who are capable for working so why should he choose the way for beg. Because it is the easiest way to income. So it is the responsibly of the Govt to look after them. And the persons who are not capable for working the Govt should give them some work which they can do by which they can also get good money without loosing the social beauty of our country. This is the one way that came to my mind to stop this kind of activity.

    Ardhendu Narayan Rout
    B-Tech (Civil Engineering)
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    Your opinion and suggestion is really appealing to me and I hope thats what every one should think . Beggary is the most easy way to earn money. They do not need to work at all. Just sitting by the road side earns them a good amount of money. Today beggars are also seen in front of the shopping malls, offices, railway stations and almost everywhere. They irritate the people and ask money from them. Just to avoid them some people give them money and they take out advantage of their irritating nature. These beggars pollute the social beauty of our society. The people should work hard and earn money in stead of begging then only the country can develop and its off course that the government has to introduce some new programmes and methods for these people associated to beggary so that they can earn money by working.
    Thank You for your response.
    Ankit Patwari

    Ankit Patwari

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    I follow my own principal about the mention topic. I don't pay beggars in the streets. I think, if you stop paying beggars then they automatically atop begging (the easiest way to earn money without doing anything). This is my personal opinion only. I think if everyone follows this then the problem will be solved automatically. I also want to add there are many self-help groups which are there to help economically backward people.


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    Thank You Subhajit for your opinion. Your principal is really a good one and this will really help to remove the beggars from out streets.
    Thank You for sharing your idea regarding this.
    Thank You for your response.
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello Mr Subhajit,
    This is not good to don't pay beggars. I am giving an example: If 70 years old parents are driven by their sons then what will they do, Genuinely they come to the street for begging cause they have no other option to do anything. In that age they are unable to work or business so this is needy to them.
    And other example is: What is the work for a poor handicapped man. He is neither eligible to work or anything else, If he is educated than their is another option but if not then his life will go to darkness.
    And My view is "Help the Needy not the Greedy". If the man is really capable for working then if you beg them then it will not be good for the nation but if the person unable to work then we should give money or other things to them.

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    Mr Ardhendu Narayan Rout i agree with your opinion but Mr Subhajit is not wrong in his view points. As you mentioned where will the old people above the age of 70 go when they are driven out of their houses from their children, the answer to your question should not be the streets for begging. The government of India have implemented many programs for these senior citizens and again there are old-age homes too. Instead of giving them one or two rupee we can contribute it to a NGO(Non-governmental Organization) who are working hard for the lives of these kind of old people who does not have any kind of family support and income earning. This will also provide them shelter and I always donate money to the NGOs which also help the other poor people of the society but they can not grow up due to less amount of donations, so I will suggest you the amount that you give to the beggars you donate it to an organization though it is a very little one but it will help them. You can donate them a fixed amount yearly or quarterly basis and like you and me if everyone starts contributing like this there will be no more problem of begging and poor in our society.
    Thank You

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello everyone

    I agree that street beggers pollute the scenic beauty of a place but we cannot ignore the socio-economical situation behind such a thing as begging. It is not only a matter of allowing them to do this or not.

    I hope many of us have seen the bengali movie 'Hirak Rajar Deshe', in that film the tyrant ordered all the beggers, poors and so called pain to the eyes to be gathered and locked up till a certain ceremony got over. This incident was filmed by Satyajit Ray to point to the cruelty of the tyrant 'Hirak Raja'. We have to be careful that while thinking of this topic we don't follow his mentality.


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