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    Why there are no cash prize in job section or classified section?

    If there is no cash prize in other section other than resource then members loss their interest to post job(which is very much helpful and most access by viewers).

    I hope my friends must comment on this.
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    Sir this is exactly true. Cash is only provided in the resource section of this website but at the end of the month all the points from all the sections are taken into account and according to that awards are given to the members. This awards consists of high amount of cash which is given to the members. As you had won a good amount last month only in the similar amount. So we should contribute to all the sections of this website to get a higher amount of cash credit.
    Thank You
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Thanks Ankit for your quick response and i wait answer from our valuable rank holders and also from editor, coordinator and finally from webmaster.
    subrata ray from bengal

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    According to my experience Job sections are also eligible for cash credits but the job posts should be that much optimized and well described. If all sections are eligible for cash credit then one problem also can arise means if a person posts one recruitment in resource and he will get good amount and after that many members will copy that and post it in job to get cash so thats the problem.

    Forum and Business sections are already providing cash for good posts. And if we give cash to poll then no will post good things in resources , all will post short polls.

    If cash will given to classifieds then many members will copy something from other website, after small modification they will post it in classifieds.

    There will many problem arise if all sections eligible for cash Our webmasters are very much intelligent and what they will do, it go to for advantage of the site. So don't worry. In right time, right step will taken.

    Ardhendu Narayan Rout
    Civil Engineering student of Orissa

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    You are welcome sir. Yes the response of the webmaster and the editor and the top ranking members are important.
    Thank You

    Ankit Patwari

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    When ever I told that not to post in Job and classified. I only objected for giving Cash credit to those sections. In Bengal spider every point means 2 rupees so when ever you post and get a point then you will get double that it. If you get 200 from resources and 200 from job then after 1 month you will get more than 800 from the website. Thats my meaning, Every post should be posted in right place.

    Ardhendu Narayan Rout

    Member of Bengal Spider

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    Hello Mr Ardhendu Narayan Rout,

    I want to ask you a question.
    I have earned more points in the resource section of this website. But the other sections have half the points earned in resources. So will the total points of the resource section will not be considered? My hard work will go to vain or what?
    Please help me regarding this matter and what ways should I use to bring the points into level?
    I will be highly obliged to you if you help me regarding this mater.

    Thank You,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Ankit i think it is better to show the new rule for point and cash award posted by Dr. Sanjeev (click on following link)on 21st january than ardhendendu.

    subrata ray from bengal

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    Thank You sir for your help. Now it is clear to me. I do not need to equate the points. I was having some misunderstandings which is now clear to me.

    Thanks a lot,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    You are right Mr Ray,
    My response is not better than the announcement and if all members should search their quarry personally then there will be no such doubts and difficulties. If you don't mind I just want to tell you one thing. You are a reputed computer science teacher in a reputed college. I think just one thing. There are many computer application books are sold in the market and many students also have those books. But what is your work in this institution. Please don't take my regards in a wrong sence. Hope you under stand what I am going to tell.

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