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    Hello everyone I am a new member

    Hello everyone,

    It is my privilege to introduce myself as a new member of bengalspider. I am a student pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology. I live in DumDum and I think most bengalis have heard of it so no need for further(as it has the main and largest airport of the state) and maybe for other reasons as well.

    Being a new member I would like to state that I will aim to contribute as much as I can to the site and I shall be obliged if the senior members lend a helping hand when and if I need them.

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    Hello Mr Bhaswar Mukhopadhay. This is very nice to know that new members are joining this website. I welcome you to this website as i am a active member in this website from two months nearly. I am very happy with the contributions which i make for this website. Hope you will also like it and contribute good resources for the website. And i would also like to suggest you that reply to the forum threads regularly and also try to post forum messages regularly. This will increase your knowledge and limits of that particular topic as well as you will earn good points too. And please try to upload a proper profile picture for your Bengal Spider profile.
    Thank You
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    HI Bhaswar
    Welcome to Bengalspider, being an editor at ISC, I am sure you will be one of the key member of its sister site Bengalspider. I dont think you need any guidelines as you are aware of all. As today is last day of the month, so from 1st March you can contribute and can share profit revenue of the site. A person can earn 1000s as a partnership share and I am sure you will be one among them.


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    Hello Dr. Sanjeev and Ankit

    Thank you for those kind words of motivation. Being from Bengal I expect to post good content to the site regularly. I will be active on this site simultaneously with my responsibilities in ISC, so I think we will come across regularly.

    Best of luck to all for their lives and future and may the adventure begin.



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    Hello Bhaswar,

    Welcome to BengalSpider. As Sanjeev Sir said, being an editor of ISC, you are more or less well acquainted with the rules and regulations of our websites. Concentrate on posting. Your first target is to create a nice and healthy resource database and get AdSense account approved from BengalSpider. Do not rush for it; slow and steady wins even the AdSense race as well. Continue posting quality resources for seven eight months. [Though six months is the criteria, I suggest you not to apply immediately after completing six months. Once rejected, it will be difficult to get approval next times. The first chance is the best chance.]

    If you have any query regarding how to write and what to write, feel free to contact me at any time at GTalk or by phone.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Thanks a lot Mr Bhaswar Mukhopadhay for your best wishes to me. And all the best to you too.
    Thank You.

    Ankit Patwari

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