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    How walking and using cell phones is life taking?

    Walking in the streets or crossing roads with the use of cell phone can take away one's life. What are your point of views regarding this.
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    Hello Ankit,

    Yes what you said is very true. Not only on the roads, crossing a railway track with your all attention absorbed by your mobile can also be fatal. In fact it proves to be so too; almost twice or thrice a week I read in the newspapers that someone somewhere died in an accident on the rail tracks due to mobile phones. In some stations, such as in my native place Belghoria, placards have been set up by the local people, shops, clubs and NGOs around the station premises, warning people not to cross the railway tracks while answering a phone call.

    I think this needs to be circulated on the government sphere as well all over India, in the respective regional languages, Hindi and English. Also, this can be telecast in the television and broadcast in the radio channels by the Government of India. That will have larger impact on the public and the number of such accidents might go down with that.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Thankyou again Mr Kumaraditya Sarkar for your response. As you said accidents occur quite regularly due to use of cell phones in the railway crossings.
    Yeah I agree with you. But accidents are also taking place in the urban areas. These accidents take place normally with the people talking to phone while driving or walking. Students are also involved in these cases. They talk in cell phones while walking by the roads or crossing the roads. They also text their friends which require a good attention and accidents occur due to this.
    I want to give you an example, we were in a mall, one of ma friends was texting and walking down the stairs and texting somebody. He did not notice when the stairs ended and he fell down and got serious injuries.
    This is a small example and things can go more serious.

    Thank You
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello everyone

    I would like to appreciate the topic that has been made the topic of discussion of this thread. It already has been made clear by Kumaraditya and Ankit that how cell phones become fatal elements when it comes to walk in roads or railway tracks.

    I have been a spectator of a few accident scenes by chance after the sad mishaps had happened and seen how young lives were wasted as a result of not being careful and cautious enough to dismantle the earphones before crossing roads or railway tracks and the mutilated bodies have taught me to never do similar mistakes.

    We, human beings have many special abilities one of which is to learn from other's mistakes. If we learn from the accidents that have already happened and swear to be careful about these things we can avoid more similar mishaps in future. Keep in mind that many times only after losing something we come to know what it's value was for us but with our life we shouldn't try to test this philosophy.


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    Hello Mr Bhaswar Mukhopadhay. Thank You for your response to the thread. As you said that we must swear to be cautious when we are walking by the road or when we are crossing a railway track. Its exactly appreciable. But the problem is you and me are agreeing to that. We need to draw the attention of all the youths and the Businessmen who are generally found talking by cell phones and crossing the roads etc.

    These are really dangerous for us. And once a accident occurs suppose by a bus then the life of the bus driver is also put to a threat by the public as no one admits that it was the mistake of the dead one and the Bus driver has to pay for that. He has to suffer and is blamed for the accident. These things are happening in our towns and cities regularly and to stop all these we have to be aware.

    Thank You
    Ankit Patwari

    Ankit Patwari

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