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    All meeting and rally must be banned for the people of the people and by the people.

    All political rally must be banned. Why the political leaders cannot understand that general people do not like this bogus things because they are all conscious from the media and internet and today most of the villagers also have a T.V. or Radio.

    So, I think we should not cast vote to that political parties who arrange so many rally /meeting which harass us.

    What's your opinion?
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    Hello sir,
    You are exactly right at your opinion. All these political meetings and rallies are nothing but a wastage of money and time. The money spend on arranging these rallies is a huge one. This money and time if the political party leaders spend for the welfare of the poor people then it would have been highly helpful for our economy.
    Again, as you said most of us are now aware of the right or wrong and these rallies does nothing instead of influencing people towards the wrong. The political leaders are allocated to a specific job by the countrymen. So it is indirectly we, who appoint them. So they should do that job only for which they had been selected or appointed instead of organizing meetings and rallies.

    One more thing to add up the meetings and rallies are mostly included with violence and using abusive words against the opponent so these should be banned for a peaceful country and maintaining the political stability of our country.

    Thank You,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Thanks ankit for your quick response and i hope other members must comment on it if they love india and support my topics without fear. If we communicate to all members then i think the day comes soon where we easily raise our voice against corruption in our country like Egypt. As you know only one woman write against Hosni Mubaraque through facebook and that corrupted leader bounds to release is power.

    At last I thanks to our election commission that till today they take necessary action against criminal and corrupted/criminal political leaders and force the state police to do this. we are grateful to our election commission if it is possible then they should watch it after election also(about 6 months,if there is any provision in law.)

    At last so many thanks to our Supreme Court who regularly watch the corruption.

    subrata ray from bengal

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    Hello Mr Subrata Ray

    I see your view point and agree to the fact that unnecessary political rallies cause many problems to the common people. But I do not agree on the point that political rallies are totally unnecessary. If you try to look from a politician's view point rallies are a good way to reach a huge no of people easily and many persons with political interests feel the same way. However huge rallies on a regular basis which cause all sorts of problems in the daily life must be discouraged.

    I also want to point out that the impact of media and internet is larger in the cities. In case of rural areas the internet penetration is still negligible and media coverage is also not as good as the cities. In those cases political rallies are essential for political parties to gather supporters from these areas as most of the population of India still resides in villages.


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    hello mr. bhaswar,

    I think you are politically bias. Can you feel if you fell in the trap of rally and you cannot reach to hospital or interview or any emergency meeting or suppose if you have an urgent work and some political parties force you to go their rally then what happen.
    yes, it is fruitful if you are unemployed and you have no headache on your family then you can spend your time in this way.

    Have you judge that there is no impact on general peoples mind whether the rally is large or short.
    And in villages most of the people are depend on cultivations and if they do not join their rally they are unable to cultivate their land. Is this democracy?

    subrata ray from bengal

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    Mr Subrata Ray

    "I think you are politically bias."
    I do not understand what you want to indicate by this comment. Is it not fit for an Indian citizen to have his/her own political perspective or according to you anyone who has interest in the nation's socio-economical and political affairs should be discriminated as a biased person and hence his/her views are of no value? If that is what you meant then I see no point in further discussion.

    "yes, it is fruitful if you are unemployed and you have no headache on your family then you can spend your time in this way."
    Aggressive comments like this only reveal the lack of thinking capacity of any individual as it shows a tendency to think that what I do or think is right and whoever doesn't agree is wrong.

    Just because you are not interested in politics or related issues (which is your right and I respect it) it doesn't give you the right to claim it as the opinion of the general people. So what does or doesn't affect the minds of general people is I think should be left to the people not to any certain individual.

    In case of the unfortunate incidents that you have mentioned I agree 100% that rallies causing such problems are not wanted at all and such incidents has to be avoided either by improving the infrastructure or by restricting the size or number of rallies.

    Decentralization of power has been an important thing in our constitution hence politics at it's root levels in the villages should not be neglected. Every villager has the right to use their political freedom to vote for the leaders they want and rallies are the medium leaders use to reach the people. I admit with power comes corruption and hence things like you claim happen but that is not the point of discussion here is it? I was discussing about rallies and their uses only and not how village politics is carried out.

    Lastly I urge you not to indulge yourself into aggressive or offending behavior while in a discussion as each and everyone of us have right to express their views in an neutral as well as biased way. I am sure you didn't want it to be rude but your comments seemed little harsh and offending. I hope you understand.


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    Mr. bhaswar,

    Actually today's most of the politicians give aggresive speech and arrange rally with arms compel me to do comment like this. The past politicians were intelligent and they compete with others on the basis of development in westbengal like Dr. Bidhan Chandra roy. But today's bengal politicians compete with each other on the basis of violence and murder of poor people.

    for this reason i hate todays all bengal politicians and i have no intention to hurt you. If you felt hurt on my comment then i am sorry for this.

    Come and say to all bengal politicians " Not to do dirty politics in bengal."

    subrata ray from bengal

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    Mr Subrata

    Thanks for the response.

    I was expressing my views on the point of the common goals of a rally and I think you took the discussion to another topic which I was not talking about.

    I also want to see the politics of violence and murder kicked away from Bengal. Political melodrama over corpses of common people makes me sick and if this kind of political stunts and senselessness stops it will be good riddance for me and I believe for all the people of West Bengal.


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    Subrata i must congratulate you for bringing this lovely thread. Political parties think that they must always build up pressure on us to remember them. Rallies and bandhs are forced on us to press their demand but people are more intelligent and never fall prey to cheap politics. I think SC must take initiative and ban such rallies and bandhs which is against the National Interest.

    K Mohan

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    After a long time you response my post. I expect from you that you must comment on this post. Thanks for comments on my post and also appeal to all good citizen of india that they must protest it boldly with out fear and i take inspiration from the hindi serial "KALI" of star anand channel (mon-fri at 11 pm) where a little girl fight against a powerful crimnal. so thanks to star anand and i hope in future all media must broad cast this type real fact because we the general people have only and one power that is media.
    subrata ray from bengal

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