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    Why my resource is not approved?

    My resource on the topic "Profile Of Mamata Banerjee and her great deeds" has been put to pending. I will be obliged to the webmaster as well as the editor if I can know the reason behind it.
    This is the link to my resource ""

    Members please give your views.

    Thank You,
    Ankit Patwari.
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    Now you reach to gold member and earn more money so all posting are not accepted either it pending or deleting or blocked your access with showing different cause which was ignored when you are in silver level.

    This is the strategy of this site. So don't upset and don't waste your time here. There are so many way you can earn money from website. Later i tell you what's are the way.

    Actually they encourage new member(silver or bronze) and the members with gold member are their own agent like Bisma narayan rout,kumarditya,andy etc.

    subrata ray from bengal

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    Hello Ankit
    Once we see a member is regular and doing well, we try to guide them to make better resources with good keywords thus keep them in pending marking the corrections needed. Now as you have corrected it has been approved.

    Hello Subrata Ray
    Strategy of the site is very clear to encourage members who can do well and not members posting copied posts and later coming with silly excuses. We dont have any agent and all have joined and became a regular member by their contribution. But as you have been posting copied posts again and again you have been banned and now you are showing your frustration here.

    You have been given ample opportunity, but it seems you have taken this site as a money machine where you can earn with all the silly copying. Dont deceive members.


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    Hello Mr Subrat Ray,
    I don't know why you are attacking to other members of this and also mis guiding other new members of the site. You are a Lecture and these kinds of words are not suitable for your mouth. And what do you mean by 'Agents', I am not understanding it. First you should know the cause and then reply as your wish.
    You are always copy pasting in Orissa spider also but I didn't delete them first cause if I would delete three articles of yours continuously then your resource posting permission blocked for some days. Still I kept them in pending and mentioned the reason but you didn't changed them.
    And your point about(Better point and cash to new members), I would like to say that we are always encouraging new members here so we ignore their mistakes like HTML, Keyword etc, but after getting the gold level by the member, we try to guide him about 'How to post Good'. You can ask your student "Ankit" that how many hours I have guided him about good posting cause we want all members increase. If a member do well then he will get the cash and for good posts he will get good earning through adsense. But you are questioning us. It is not suitable to a teacher like you.
    And please just search in Google and find about the faults of these sites. You will sure get your answer and please tell the name of any website which is "Sharing 50% of its monthly revenue", "Giving Direct Cash to Contents", "Providing 90% Google adsense sharing for whole 1 year" and "cash through periodically contests".
    Hope you will learn from your mistakes. post of Ankit is now rewaded with 25 points and 10 cash credits.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa Spider

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    Hi Mr Subrat Ray,
    I am very unhappy by your answer. I have previously told you about the rules and regulations through forum response. But now I got that you have not learned anything from your previous mistakes.
    Bengal spider is not a money making machine from which you can get money for doing nothing. Actually there is no such website which will give you cash for nothing. All you have to give your best towards the site and then you can make money from it.
    And you should know to whom you are mentioning. Kumaraditya is now Webmaster of Punjab Spider and Mumbai spider and also site coordinator for all spider sites, Bhisma is Webmaster of Orissa spider and Andy was the previous webmaster of Bengal spider so you should know the detail before you mention these members.

    And till now I have seen that your 20 posts are deleted. Are they not copy pasted. Mainly for 2 reasons posts are deleted (Copy pasting and Less content). And I think all posts of your are deleted for this reason. So please if cannot do anything then don't stop others to do that. Sure you will learn many thing about the posts.

    Ardhendu Narayan Rout

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