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    Only very low points are awarded for my article

    Hello sir,
    I'm writing this with a sad mind, because i take a lots of time to make the resource about the stock market and cautions about money. But the resource has been awarded only very low points. The topic which i put was of course a traffic maker. But I'm really sad to know that my hard work is in trash. Please check my resource and advice me the problems for this much low points.
    My articles:
    How to hedge in stock market in West Bengal
    Category based on money and its problems in West Bengal

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    Hello Krishna,
    Dr Sanjeev has previously told you that regional spider sites are mainly for topics related to that state but in your posts only headings are related to the State but contents totally non related so you are getting less points.
    And I have seen many posts in Orissa spider also. You are also doing the same mistake there. If you want to get more cash with good points then write contents about the regional state means You should write on West Bengal in Bengal spider and topics with Orissa in Orissa spider. Then you can see that you will be given higher cash with maximum points.


    Ardhendu Narayan Rout

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    Hello Krishna Basu
    We encourage region based posts. Merely adding West Bengal in title does not make the post for West Bengal. The site have some reputation in search engine as a site of West Bengal and we dont want to lose that reputation by confusing search engine.


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    Hello Krishna Basu,

    Your resources are not bad. I think its a detailed one though it needs some more amount of details and some more information to make it proper for the search engines but though the point u got is not impressive. Any one would have expected a more from that resource. I agree with you.

    Thank You,
    Ankit Patwari

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello Webmaster,
    I understood the mistake from me. Even though the topic which i write was not related to Bengal, its really useful for the Bengal people who don't know to buy and sell stocks in the stock market efficiently. That article describes the tricks to use in stock markets for the best result. The stock markets are available online, so hedging will be easy for the people in Bengal. That's why i put that resource in Bengal spider. And i don't think that its a bad article to award this much low point. Because of that i posted a forum message here. Anyways thanks for your feedback. I will try my best to make corrections in my future articles.


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    Hello Krishna Basu
    I agree that your articles are good, but just imagine even if a movie is too good but there are no viewers, the movie is considered as flop. At Bengalspider these articles will get no traffic as the sites is reputed as regional site for Bengal, so your hard work will go in vain.


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    Mr. Krishna Basu

    I would like to advise you that you post these kinds of articles in sites which belong to the category related to the topics. The spider sites are not confused with cheap money making sites that accept everything and confuses it's users. But if you post these articles in specific websites based on that category you have much more chances of success.

    To be successful in Bengalspider try to post more resources that are useful to the people of bengal or those who are searching for Bengal topics and resources.

    For the articles you have mentioned I think you will do well to post them in some spider site that is related to those topics (If any, for this I suggest you contact the webmaster for advise). Making seperate niches for your contributions will help you achieve success at a faster pace.


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