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    Bengali speaking person

    Presently 190 million people in this world are considered as bengali speaking. Hopefully within few decades we will be able to make ourselves available in all corners. But the question is not being availability, question is quality. Do you feel the quality of our genetics gradually going down?
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    Hi Debashish Bhattacharya,
    This is now a big issue for all states. Through I am from Orissa, I haven't enough knowledge about this situation in Bengal but in Orissa this thing also happening. Even if an Oriya is talking with another Oriya in Hindi. These peoples think if they will tell only Hindi then others will think them smart. But they don't know that they are also from the state where 93.33% people love to speak in Oriya language.
    So I like my village and other village areas cause they is no such situation when your village man will talk you in Hindi.

    In Oriya there is a great poem:
    Matru Bhumi Matru Bhasa ra Mamata
    Ja Hrude Janami Nahi,
    Taku Jadi Gyani gana re Ganiba
    Agyani rahibe Kahi.

    Hindi meaning
    Matrubhumi aur Matrubhasa ka pyar jiske dil main na jaga ho, usko agar hum Gyani kahenge to iss sansar main Murakh nahi rahenge.

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    Hi Ardhendu,

    Sorry ,I do not want to mean about Bengali. I mean the Bangaladeshi people also. Their mother tongue is also bengali. I do not want to be provincial about language as because it is only a developed tool to communicate.

    Though our national anthem depicts the real form of Country quite well, but we are not in a position to accept the truth. After all humanism is the ultimate truth of our race.


    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Debashish Bhattacharya thanks for bringing this great post to the forum and through i came to know that Presently 190 million people in this world are considered as bengali speaking.

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    Hello Mr. Bhattacharya,

    I agree with you. We must love, respect and honour our respective mother tongues. I would like to narrate one small incident here. The noted professor of English and a Milton scholar Late Rabindra Kumar Dasgupta once remarked that he might have taught and researched on Milton all through his life, but Michael Madhusudan Dutt gave him more pleasure! I think only this remark of a great scholar of English literature will suffice to show how we should love our respective mother-tongues.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Hello Debashish Bhattacharya

    Firstly I would like to thank you for bringing up this wonderful topic in this forum. The love for mother tongue is something that one can feel in many different ways. When two unknown people meet in foreign lands who have the same mother language they can quickly form tight bonds of friendship and trust. This shows us the deep root that the respective mother tongues have inside all of us even if we are unaware of it's existence.

    The greatly acknowledged poet Michael Madhusudan Datt whom Mr. Kumaraditya Sarkar speaks of is also another great example of the love for mother tongue. He was inspired by english literature and started his journey in literature through the medium of english language, but after an amount of time had passed he realized the true desire of his heart was to create the art of literature in his own mother tongue Bengali. Later he was acknowledged for his excellent contributions in the Bengali literature.

    I think every person comes to feel his inner pull towards his/her mother tongue sometimes. It's the choice to acknowledge it that makes the difference.


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    Hi Bhaswar,
    Thanks Bhaswar for your reply. Again I am saying Language is nothing but a tool to communicate. I would like to share a beautiful sentence- Human language is the worstest Transportation System.


    Debashish Bhattacharya

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