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    Do you think that Mamata Banerjee knows all of her candidate properly?

    I think Mamata Banerjee does not knows all of her candidate properly(on the basis of popularity/character/acceptance among local people) that she choose in assembly election 2011. I think she should judge personally and not to depend on her nearest one.
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    Subrata you made a great post here and i must appreciate you for this foresightedness . Mamata must know the candidates well. After all her name is at stake. Candidates with good credentials are always having chance to win this election. Now a forced alliance has been reached with Congress and how far it will fare.

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    Hello Mr Ray,
    Nice topic for discussion. I think Mamata Banarjee doesn't know his all candidates properly cause their are many candidates who are unfit for the election according to their backgrounds, current occupation and other main things.
    I think Mamata Banarjee should judge her all candidates properly.

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    Thanks mr. mohan and rout for response. I put this topic because most of the candidate of trinumul congress has no political back ground and they ask to vote them on the name of mamta banerjee. they actually forget that the year is 2011 not 1970 and now most of the people know the better thing for their life. so, they also judge the candidate first then the party.
    subrata ray from bengal

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    Subrata thanks for coming back with good reply. Candidates may not have political background but if they have zeal to serve the people then they can serve the people better. In that way Mamata is taking a chance on these candidates and lets hope some good governing and public caring from these new faces once elected.

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    Hello Sir,

    This is really a nice topic, and your opinion is right about Mamata Banerjee.

    Thanks a lot,
    ANkit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Thanks mr. mohan and ankit for giving your valuable views.Actually i know personally some candidate's background and that candidate are not acceptable to the voters of that constituncy(one come from cpm and another is drunker,please don't ask me their name.) and now you say they can have zeal to serve us? And i think on that seats cpm candidate easily win.
    subrata ray from bengal

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    You are right Mr Subrat Ray,
    The candidates should example for others in their activity and attitude. If they will be drunkard then what the society and the youth learn from them. First the candidates should be free from black spots in their carrier and then our state and country can be free from crime, corruption etc.

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    Mr. rout and mr.Mohan

    I am happy to say that yesterday(on 24th of march at night (11 p.m.) Miss mamata Banerjee change the drunker doctor in burdwan south (Dr. Swarup Dutta)candidate and select a university professor(Mr. Ravi Ranjan chatterjee). So, now we can congratulate her for this decision.

    subrata ray from bengal

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